Wynne High School EAST Night Out in the Books as a Success


Wynne High School EAST Night Out in the Books as a Success
8/14/2013 4:51:48 PM

Wynne High School’s EAST Night Out was a huge success. The event was held on Tuesday, November 9, 2010.

Wynne High School’s EAST Night Out was a huge success.  The event was held on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 from 6:30 to 8:00 in room 108.  

EAST Night Out was an open house for the community, business leaders, and parents to see what EAST students are currently doing and what their capilitities are in helping the community. Visitors were invited to mingle about the room, listen to presentations and question the student presenters about the projects that were being presented. 

One of the projects that earned the most attention was the Readers are Leaders Bookmark Campaign.  An EAST student group consisting of Alanska Halk, Jamanda Mckissick, and Shenell Hopkins have been going to all the different campuses, photographing students and using photo editing to make each picture into personalized book mark.  The book marks include the student’s first name an inspirational reading quote.  These are distributed through the school libraries and have been very popular items on all campuses.  To demonstrate how they turned the pictures into bookmarks, the students took pictures of visitors, went through the photo editing stage and made them their very own bookmark.   

Another project that received a great deal of attention was the We Love Wii program.  This project was started by Caroline Boone, Kathryn Dillard and Syndie Mohr and stems from a group that volunteers at a local assisted living program one day a week to play the Wii with a group of senior citizens ranging in age from 80 to 99 years old.  This project is greatly loved by all involved. The kids love showing their new “friends” how to play the different games, and are completely and totally amazed at how competitive they are with them and other members of the assisted living program.  The director says that this is great way for them to get exercise, practice their motor skills, and just have a great time.  The group showed a great Power Point presentation of pictures and short stories about what they have experienced so far. 

Allison Birkhead also gained a great deal of attention with the making of her X the TEXT public service announcement that she is currently working on.  She is going to enter the PSA into the Channel One contest and will be competing against students all across the United States.  In her presentation she showed parts of the PSA in iMovie and explained how she was incorporating text and statistics into the movie.  She has included students from other campuses to be a part of the video and edited it using software available in the EAST classroom. 

Other technology that was presented:

Google Sketch Up — Alex George, Alexis Cortez and Tyler Hardwick each demonstrated their designs for a new recreational park, a new gym for the high school and a new Yellow Jacket Stadium.

MM Fusion — Game designer Stephen Davis demonstrated how he was developing his own game design.

Website Development — Davaris Goodman showed how he is building a website for the Wynne High School EAST Lab and for the Wynne High School ROTC program.

Overall “I think that the night was a great success, considering that this was my first experience with EAST Night Out and most of my students are first year EAST students”,   stated EAST facilitator Leslie Ballard. “I think we did a great job, I got a lot of compliments on projects, new ideas on others and my students gained some experience as to what EAST is all about.” 




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