Nettleton Project - Everyone Can Become a Planet Protector!


Nettleton Project  - Everyone Can Become a Planet Protector!
8/15/2013 3:24:24 PM

Students educate elementary students about recycling.

Nettleton High School and Nettleton Junior High EAST students collaborated with elementary teachers, Linda Medlock and Elisa Kifer to mark America Recycles Day on Monday, November 15 to educate students at Fox Meadow Elementary School.  EAST students organized the event with songs, poems, videos, recycling facts and a skit to convey the message of recycling.  A team of 20 EAST students presented facts that had been researched by classmates.  Videos promoting recycling, and songs created and animated by EAST students were performed for the children.  Students also created coloring books about recycling for the kindergarten students. 

All elementary students were provided blue recycling bags from Craighead County Regional Solid Waste Management District to take home for their families to use.  A fact sheet created in Publisher with information about recycling which was attached to the blue bags.  EAST student, Robert who was “Kurby the Blue Bag” explained what could be recycled and placed in the blue bags.   

Robert, from high school thought it was fun by helping students learn to help the planet.  Katie from the junior high said that it was a fun experience and that she enjoyed it.  Both agreed that they learned more about what they could do to help their home, school, and community to be "GREEN."

EAST students used Photoshop, Flash, Internet resources, and multimedia presentation equipment to create and present their program.


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