Star City High School EAST Begins Third Year of Mentoring Program


Star City High School EAST Begins Third Year of Mentoring Program
8/15/2013 3:24:38 PM

“MENT for You” mentoring program designed to help prevent future teen drop-outs.

The Star City High School EAST lab is beginning its third year of the "MENT for You" mentoring program for students. The EAST lab, in collaboration with the Criminal Justice Institute of the University of Arkansas, began the first mentoring program in Arkansas in 2007, under the leadership of Krista Wells. This mentoring program was designed to help prevent future teens from dropping out of high school, which is becoming an increasing problem in our state. At the present time the graduation rate for Arkansas is only 68 percent. Students Liza and Sara are leading the 2010-2011 year of “MENT for You”.

In past years, Mr. Don Bebee, of the University of Arkansas Criminal Justice Institute helped train mentors from grades eleventh and twelfth who began a one-on-one relationship with a third through fifth grader. This will be done again for this year’s mentors.

Once a week the mentors will visit their mentees. A mentor’s job includes helping the student with class work, attendance, and behavior problems. Candace Price, a former mentor, stated, “The best part about being a mentor is seeing my mentee’s progress.” Mentors wanted to inspire mentees to stay in school and one day be a role model to others.

After a year of mentoring is completed, the mentees will attend the high school for their Mentee Reward Luncheon with their mentors. This experience shows the mentees what it is like to be a high school student and the benefits of staying in school.

Hopefully seeing the mentor’s success in high school will inspire the mentees to not only graduate but also to further their education and be a mentor to a younger student their selves. “ MENT for You” has had a positive effect on both the mentees and mentors and we hope it will continue year after year with new leadership and new mentors/mentees.

Students leaders in this project are creating a website about the he dropout problem and a documentary video to share with other schools who would like to replicate the project.


Left to right:  EAST student Liza, Don Beebe of the Criminal Justice Institute and EAST student Sara. 


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