Brookland EAST Delivers a Blast from the Past


Brookland EAST Delivers a Blast from the Past
8/15/2013 3:25:30 PM

Brookland High School EAST students pass on new video production knowledge to middle schoolers.

The Brookland High School EAST program recently completed their four-week after school video production training project, in which they conducted eight workshops where they taught middle school students how to use advanced video production equipment to create their own films. Thanks to an EETT grant awarded to the Brookland EAST program by the Southeast Arkansas Educational Cooperative, they received $10,000 worth of equipment and attended a three-day training workshop at the EAST learning facility in Little Rock to educate the students on how to use the equipment.

EAST members taught the younger students how to use a professional video camera and Final Cut Pro editing software, as well as how to use lighting and audio to enhance the film. To utilize their newly gained knowledge as well as their creative abilities, the students were divided into three groups, in which each group made an educational and fun video about either the 1960's, 1970's, or 1980's. The films were presented at a Parent Night at the conclusion of the workshops, and parents complimented students on their excellent work.





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