Dardanelle EAST Promotes Recycling


Dardanelle EAST Promotes Recycling
8/15/2013 3:25:54 PM

EAST students team up with Beta Club to collect paper and save trees.

DHS EAST students Chloe, Jessica and Kate wanted to create a project that would take our high school into a green environment to help save our landfills. Through their efforts, the DHS Going Green project was born.

To kick off the project, the EAST team created promotional posters and held advisory meetings with the entire student body to explain the DHS Going Green program and the value of recycling to help our environment and save our landfills from over-dumping.

Collaborating with DHS Beta members, the students collect paper from the classrooms every Tuesday afternoon after school to be picked up on Wednesday morning by Booneville Recycling. The team worked with the DHS school administration to purchase the proper recycling receptacles for paper collection.

About the value of the DHS Going Green project, Jessica said, “Informing the student body about the benefits of recycling is important because it may inspire students to recycle outside of school.” Kate added, “We need to get the students fired up about recycling so that our program will last at the school even after we graduate.” Chloe described her thoughts about a vision for the project, “I’ve wanted to get our school recycling for the past two years. I’m so excited that we are getting this project going!”




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