Harrisburg High School EAST Honors Veterans


Harrisburg High School EAST Honors Veterans
8/15/2013 3:26:08 PM

EAST students join JROTC in a week of activities.

The Harrisburg High School EAST program recently collaborated with the HHS JROTC to host a week of activities to honor the veterans in our area.

Monday November 8th, students posted signs around town welcoming home the 875th battallion from Iraq. On Tuesday, both groups placed flags at a local cemetery to honor those veterans who had lost their lives. Wednesday was "Eat Breakfast with a Veteran", when local veterans were invited to eat breakfast with the EAST and JROTC students in the school cafeteria. Thursday was our huge veterans day assembly which over 100 veterans and their spouses attended and showed their support of our school and students.

During the last month, EAST has been conducting interviews of local veterans and produced a documentary about their experiences, which was shown at the event. While conducting the interviews, a local veteran recalled his story of how he had earned a purple heart. He was upset though that he had never received his medal. EAST students are now helping this veteran fill out the needed paperwork so that he will receive the purple heart medal he deserves.




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