Star City EAST Shines at Open House Event


Star City EAST Shines at Open House Event
8/15/2013 3:26:28 PM

EAST Night Out a huge success, with close to 150 visitors and 40 student presenters.

Star City High School’s EAST Night Out was a huge success, held on Tuesday, November 9th at the High School. There were close to 150 visitors who attended and 40 student presenters who helped make this event happen.

EAST Night Out was an open house for the community, business leaders, and parents to see what EAST students are doing to help our community. Visitors had the opportunity to view different stations and learn about projects and the technology involved.

One project that drew a lot of attention was “Females Can Do It Too: How to Maintain Your Vehicle”. This project was important to students because many females are abducted from the side of a road because their car has broken down. If females know how to change a flat tire, etc., they can get back on the road sooner.

The Hispanic Culture project gave information about the culture of Hispanic people, which is a growing population in our area.

Liza De Jesus and Sara Smith informed visitors of the “MENT for You” project which is aimed at preventing high school drop-outs, and Keith Chambliss and Blake Borecky spoke with those interested in the “Not Now, I’m Driving” project which aims to decrease the number of people who text and drive.

A very important project underway is the “Vial Of Life” Project. Students McKensey Stover, Darien Washington, Julie Chambers and Jarrett Frizzell explained that the vial given to community members will speak for them when they cannot speak for themselves during an emergency situation.

Some of the technology demonstrated:

Virtual Reality with Chris Kiernan showing a virtual tour he did last summer of West Point in New York and  Jarrett Frizzell showing his virtual tour of the high school.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Curtis Price and Jorge Acuchi showed the ArcView software, which they have used to create maps of Star City’s important places and Lincoln County poultry farms and cemeteries.

CAD (Computer Aided Design) Alyssa Smith and Harley Cotton demonstrated Sketch-Up software, which is an architectural design program. Lukas Steed also demonstrated an architectural program called Archicad.

Video Several videography projects were shown, using the video editing program Final Cut Pro.

Interim Superintendent Sandra Lanehart stated, “I had a great time. I was absolutely awed by what those kids can do. Congratulations to you and the EAST students”.


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