Dardanelle EAST Celebrates with a Night Out


Dardanelle EAST Celebrates with a Night Out
8/15/2013 3:26:44 PM

EAST students share their work with the community.

Dardanelle High School EAST students shared what is happening in their EAST classroom by hosting an EAST Night Out on November 9 at the high school EAST lab. Students invited local law enforcement, Mayor Carolyn McGee, parents, faculty, and other city officials and showcased their many projects for the guests.

In EAST, students use high-level technology such as 3D modeling, video editing, and digital imaging to help solve problems in the community. The Dardanelle students are developing a number of projects, including school sports team highlights videos, an anti-texting-while-driving campaign, school cheerleading and sports program websites, a robot project, the Lizard Tale school newspaper and a 3D rendering of school building floorplans for emergency personnel.

First-year EAST students Megan and Ashley, and second year student Justin were the EAST Night Out project leaders. They organized the event, created invitations, hung posters, and and acted as hosts. Others participating and hosting were Zac, Rane, Toby and Erik.

When asked why they liked EAST, Ashley said “I like EAST because it lets me learn different things we normally don’t learn in other classes.” When asked the same question, Megan responded “I enjoy EAST because it’s not like our ‘textbook’ classes where we do paperwork and learn from a book or lecture. Here we learn from hands-on experience.”

Among those who attended, Chief of Police Montie Sims commented on a particular project, the School Building SketchUp modeling, saying it would be a useful tool for emergency personnel by allowing them to be familiar with the school’s layout.

Mayor Carolyn McGee mentioned the first EAST community project brought to the city’s attention several years ago. She said, “It is because of EAST students that our city park is now in excellent condition to be used by the community.”

Ms. Sandy Williams, Dardanelle EAST facilitator, said, “I am extremely proud of these students, as they are creative in their problem solving skills and wish to do so much for our community. They are truly a special group.”

The EAST students received many thanks for the work they are doing for their school and surrounding community.


By Megan Henson and Ashley Beam





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