Newport EAST Students Support Troops


Newport EAST Students Support Troops
8/15/2013 3:27:40 PM

Students conducting city-wide Silly String drive as part of EAST National Service Project.

NEWPORT – Sometimes the simplest ideas can save lives, and that is the case with Silly String.  As part of the EAST National Service Project, Newport EAST students are conducting a city-wide Silly String drive for soldiers.

Silly String can be used to detect trip wires attached to bombs.  The product, which shoots up to 30 feet, is light enough to catch on the wires without setting them off.  If the string falls to the ground, the area is clear. 

Project coordinators Grant Black and Keaton Mears contacted local industries, churches, and businesses to solicit their help in the drive.  “The people have been great; several area industries have collected for the cause and both Lions Club and Rotary made monetary donations to the project.  WalMart set up a Silly String Display and served as a collection point.”

As part of the National Service Project, EAST students also prepared posters and an 8-minute video tribute to those who served, using the technology available in their classroom. The materials were presented at the Veterans’ Day Assembly and luncheon. Copies of the program were made available to the veterans in attendance as a thank-you for their service.  

“I never really thought that much about the sacrifices the soldiers have or are making. These projects have given me a new respect for those who put their lives on the line,” said Mears.




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