Rose Bud EAST Students Interview Governor Beebe


Rose Bud EAST Students Interview Governor Beebe
8/15/2013 3:27:58 PM

Students creating documentary on veterans, “Voices of Soldiers”.

Rose Bud High School EAST students interviewed Governor Mike Beebe today for their “Voices of Soldiers” Veteran’s Documentary. Star City EAST students also interviewed the Governor, and while he was speaking to the veterans during the Veteran’s Day event at the State Capitol, he mentioned both EAST programs and their work.

Besides the Governor, the Rose Bud students interviewed US Congressman-Elect John Boozeman and several veterans that were present at the event. The students are very excited about their documentary and have decided to expand, by integrating GIS and creating a map including all tours of duty and years served by the people interviewed.

Sydney Capps, co-team leader, says “This is a chance for us to have a glimpse into what these veterans went through for our freedom.” Jaclyn Jackson said, “I’m really enjoying listening to the veterans we interview. Everything they are telling us is so real. I never knew what they went through.” If everything goes as planned, “Voices of Soldiers” will be complete by February.




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