Watson Chapel EAST Combats Bullying


Watson Chapel EAST Combats Bullying
8/15/2013 3:28:52 PM

Students create anti-bullying videos for elementary school assemblies.

Watson Chapel High School EAST student Jeffrey Neal organized an Anti-Bullying Assembly for the younger schools of the community of Watson Chapel School District — Coleman Elementary and L.L. Owen.

For the assemblies, several Watson Chapel High School EAST students went to Coleman Elementary and made anti-bullying videos with the students of the G/T classes. We used the videos as demonstrations to show how bullying affects the mental and physical body.

The assemblies have received favorable reviews from the local police department and community leaders. School administrators, teachers and students also found the assembly very helpful.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Jeffrey Neal at jneal.east@gmail.com




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