Douglas MacArthur Jr. High EAST Spreads Holiday Cheer


Douglas MacArthur Jr. High EAST Spreads Holiday Cheer
8/15/2013 3:31:20 PM

Students reach out to residents of retirement homes.

Douglas MacArthur 8th grade EAST students Camiya and Mia take time to remember those who are sometimes the forgotten in our society — residents of retirement homes. The two girls designed, printed, folded, and signed 362 cards for individuals in four area retirement homes.

Camiya called four retirement homes and shared her desire to spread some holiday cheer by delivering greeting cards to each resident. Each director was overjoyed at the idea of a junior high student taking the time to care for their residents. Camiya said, "Not many young people are willing to spend time with these residents. Sending greeting cards was a way to show them that we care about them."

For Mia, the project was personal. "I've visited retirement homes many times to see my grandma," Mia explained, "and she would mention that many residents don't get to see their kids a lot… I want them to know they are cared for."


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