Dardanelle EAST Students Take the News to Cyberspace


Dardanelle EAST Students Take the News to Cyberspace
8/15/2013 3:32:03 PM

DHS “Lizard's Tale” newspaper expands, goes online.

The Lizard's Tale, the Dardanelle High bi-weekly school newspaper, is now published online and is linked to the Dardanelle High School website, along with physical distribution to DHS students.

As publishers, Brittany and Liza began the Lizard's Tale last year as an EAST project to get random news out to the students of Dardanelle High School. The first Lizard's Tale publications were in the form of a sheet newsletter. Brittany and Lisa returned to EAST this year and wanted to take the newspaper to the next level by publishing a paper that contained more news, both world, school and local. With those plans in mind, the publication grew to a six-page newspaper published by the team of Brittany, Lisa, Justa, Christian and Toby.

To make the newspaper interesting, the team creates different sections that bring focus to the current happenings. Those sections include world news, school news, What's Happening?, lunch menu, students of the week, staff of the week, monthly birthday section, Toby's Corner and interesting and fun facts. The link to the newspaper can be found here:



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