Each One Teach One


Each One Teach One
8/15/2013 4:01:07 PM

Nettleton EAST groups mentor new EAST program.

On September 13, 2010, Nettleton High School and Nettleton Junior High School EAST classes visited a new EAST program at Valley View High School to share and encourage self-directed learning.

In preparation for the event, Nettleton EAST students created a conference highlight video using Final Cut Pro. They also created a PowerPoint presentation showcasing various community projects students at Nettleton have planned and implemented, and used Microsoft Publisher to make informational handouts detailing project ideas.

During the visit, Nettleton EAST students began by presenting their Conference highlight video and sharing their personal experiences of Conference. They also discussed preparing for Conference, the PIA, student competitions, and opportunities available for students on the EAST website.

Valley View Students then broke into groups and rotated to different stations where Nettleton EAST students taught Flash, Dreamweaver, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Virtual Reality, Fusion II, Sketch-Up, and Fruity Loops. Nettleton students also had their project scrapbooks available for Valley View students to view and gather project ideas.




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