West Fork Middle School EAST Shows School Spirit


West Fork Middle School EAST Shows School Spirit
8/15/2013 4:01:28 PM

EAST students design and paint WF logo on their football field.

West Fork Middle School EAST students Travis England and Matt Williams wanted to design a more attractive, eye appealing football field.  After researching what other schools have done, they decide a large “WF” painted on the field might help to intimidate visiting teams.

The design took several days to create, requiring several steps and various technologies and applications found in their EAST classroom. The students used a plotter to create a stencil, Google Earth for a photo of the football field and Photoshop to finalize the logo design. Then the students practiced painting the “WF” on the band’s practice field. The practice field is set up like a football field, which allowed the students to simulate the effect of the final design.  After carefully measuring and painting on the practice field, the “WF” was formed and the coaches gave the go-ahead to complete the actual design on the football field.

The morning of October 15, 2010, the boys’ project became reality. The students began painting the design on the football field under the direction of Coach Bryan Dougan. Over 80 cans of paint were used to complete the project. Matt and Travis had requested and received a donation from the Quarterback Club to purchase the paint.

The students were able to complete their project just in time for homecoming festivities. The coaches, students, and fans were impressed with the newly transformed field. We definitely think the “WF” helped the Tigers on Friday night, because they came away with a homecoming victory against Green Forest.


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