EAST Day of Giving
April 22, 2021

When you give, you empower EAST students to create
& inspire positive change in their communities.

Get Ready to Make a Difference!

One Day. One Direction.
You can direct your gift to EAST to one of the following areas of support. Your gift today is a step toward excellence in education tomorrow!
Student Training

Just $25 provides a student with one hour of training.

Education Unleashed

A gift of $1,000 provides customized training with subject matter experts at no cost to participants.

EAST Greatest Need

A gift of any amount provides new opportunities to students and facilitators.

EAST Student Scholarship

For every $25,000 raised, another student will receive an EAST Scholarship.

EAST Program Grants

A $100 donation will provide an EAST Program with needed supplies.

EAST Seminar

A $300 donation assists EAST with providing a quality seminar experience including the opportunity to attend a pre-event workshop.

Challenge Gifts

Alumni Appreciation

Your generous gift of $100 or more to the EAST Student Scholarship will unlock a $5,000 gift from an EAST Alum who is proud to support higher education for an EAST Student.

First 25

The first 25 donors of $50 or more will unlock a $500 challenge gift to help set the pace for the EAST Day of Giving.

One Direction

Giving more than one gift to multiple designations will help unlock a $2,500 challenge gift to the EAST Greatest Need.

Explore EAST

Never donated to EAST before but like what you see? This challenge is for you! The first 5 new donors to give a gift will unlock a $1,500 challenge gift.

Take the Lead

Tell your EAST story! The first 10 people to record a short video or Flipgrid sharing why you believe in the EAST model then posting it on Facebook with the hashtag #EASTDayofGiving - Take the LeadChallenge will unlock a challenge gift of $750.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EAST Day of Giving?
How can I get involved?
How do I give a gift?
What is a challenge gift?

For more information on ways to get involved or questions about the EAST Day of Giving, please contact development@EASTstaff.org.

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