EASTcast - EAST Night Out

EAST Night Out is an annual EAST event designed to encourage each EAST program across the country to showcase projects and share the unique EAST learning environment with their communities. Students regularly share projects with their peers and many programs are already presenting at local community meetings. EAST Night Out is a natural fit with what the programs are already doing and allows them to celebrate what they are accomplishing in EAST.

Local programs have the flexibility to host their event at the school in their EAST classroom, cafeteria, or auditorium or choose a common location within the town that may provide additional space or encourage more participation from the community. They can also host EAST Night Out in collaboration with other EAST programs in their district. Invitations are sent to business and community leaders, school administration, the media, their EAST community council members, and student peers. The overall goal is to have fun and celebrating EAST, educate the community on how students in the EAST classroom use advanced technologies while focusing on service projects, and allow students to showcase what they have been working on that year.

By hosting this event relationships are formed with the community which often result in future project ideas, students gain presentation skills by sharing projects with different audiences, students learn about project management by planning an event, and it can serve as a recruiting tool for future EAST students.

Although we encourage each program to host their event on the same night of the year, they do have the flexibility to host on a night that is best for their school. EAST programs register their event at EASTnightout.com which provides details such as the date, location and agenda for public access. The website also provides several resources for the schools to assist with their planning.

We encourage you to visit the website and attend an EAST Night Out. Learn about EAST and explore ways you can get involved in offering experience to students beyond the classroom.