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Welcome to EAST Night Out

We invite you to be a part of the best of modern education, the EAST® Initiative's Open House! EAST Night Out is an opportunity for EAST schools across the nation to share with their communities the power of student-driven, service-based, technology-infused, education. It is an opportunity to showcase your school, your students, your communities, and your futures. EAST students are seeking out and solving problems in their communities and preparing themselves to achieve in ways that will stagger you. Come and share, come and see, come and be amazed. Education is different here.

Over 200 schools participate in EAST with the majority hosting their individual EAST Night Out on Tuesday, October 6th. Students will share projects they are working on and hopefully some that are just getting started. On this night, we will invite community and business leaders, media, and parents to let EAST students show - and tell - their EAST story. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to see how you and your community can get involved with EAST students who are changing their world.

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2009 Highlights
The 2009 EAST Night Out was a big success, with 99 events scheduled before the end of the school year, most of which were held on October 6. Brinkley Middle School, West Fork Middle School and Viola High School were the lucky winners of $100 gift certificates at amazon.com. All schools hosting an event on October 6 and uploading post-event reports by October 23 were eligible for the drawing.

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