EAST Alumnus Does What At&t Couldn't.

Last Updated:4/15/2019

Carlos Ramirez Saves Photos of Man's Wife.

Meet Carlos Ramirez an EAST Alumnus who recently gained some notoriety for helping a man restore lost photos of his late wife without ever meeting him by using the skills he developed as the Tech Team Leader in his EAST environment and at the annual EAST Conference. Carlos stepped in to assist Phil Robinson after he lost all the photos on his android phone while visiting family in California during a power surge. Robinson visited a few stores, including At&t, and could not get the photos restored, but was referred to Carlos by a good friend Randy Smith.


Carlos shared that since graduating from high school in 2012, he has continued working on computers and other electronics as a hobby until 2018 when he decided to open his own repair business Bit by Bit Services in Russellville, AR. “Being one of the guys in charge at school to help maintain the EAST stuff in the classroom, I took an interest in computer repairs. I had a customer named Randy Smith that I built a computer for and he called me to help his friend, Robinson, restore photos on an old phone. I told him, of course, I'll help anybody as best as I can.”


Carlos detailed that he spent about an hour and a half on the phone with Robinson and was able to set up some software to remotely control his computer and old phone where the photos were last stored. With few options available to him to restore the photos since he was not with the device, he quickly realized none of the regular ideas worked. 


“So knowing that it was an Android device and thinking on how the phone might be set up, I started looking into how the photos could be saved and that is when I found out that they were backed up through a service that is established during the initial setup of the phone.”


From there, Carlos was able to download the photos to the damaged phone and then copy the photos over to a computer and then sync them with the phone. After a few hours, all the photos that were lost had been restored and a copy saved on the computer. It was important to retrieve the photos because they were of the man’s wife who recently passed away due to cancer. Carlos empathized with the man and shared with him that he could relate because he’s recently lost someone as well. 


“Currently I am working on getting another backup solution for him and I should be meeting him soon. While in high school, I learned to not give up until all options are exhausted and to always help the community because that is what EAST is. A lot of my time and experiences in EAST, I still apply a lot in my life. I'm happy that I could be part of helping others then and now.”

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