Last Updated:6/16/2020

The members of TSG have new tips and tricks for you this week!

Hello there! Have you ever been tired of creating accounts over and over? Are you tired of clicking the same button or typing the same information? Do you want to change a letter into a word quickly? 

  1. First download AutoHotkey
  2. Go through the steps and just click next and install. Once it’s download close the program. 
  3. Now open notepad or notepad++. We are now ready to do a bit of coding. 
  4. We will do a simple change “a” letter into a word. On the notepad type out: 


Send, apple

  1. Now click “Save as” and type the name you want to save it but as .ahk at the end. So mine would be: sample.ahk. This is the file name now. 
  2. Once that is saved open the file and try it. You should be able to type a and it will convert to apple automatically. As it reads if pressed “a” it will send out the word A wherever you are typing from. So if you are typing on a chrome URL it will replace “a” into ”apple”, or just into a notepad it will replace “a” into “apple” automatically. 
  3. Now let’s say you want to press enter and space after you type apple then orange.


Send, apple

Send, {Space} 

Send, {Enter}

Send, Orange


  1. Now save the code as sample1.ahk and run the file. 
  2. This code will then read that if press A it will type out the word “apple” then it will add a space and enter a new line, and will then type out orange. We can also have it have where it can do a tab where it spaces out 5 lines by replacing {Space} into {Tab}
  3. Just remember to run the file you need to save it make sure its .ahk then fine the file and run it. 

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