National EAST Classroom Open House Event

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2012 Highlights and Photo Gallery

The fifth annual EAST Night Out has come and gone…now it’s time to reflect and celebrate!

We had 125 programs host EAST Night Out this year. EAST staff members, board members, and other VIPs were privileged to attend over 40 events to show their support and to see EAST in action.

Many schools shared their ideas, experiences, and event documents with us, and now we would like to share them with you. Check out the Event Kit for some of our favorite new resources (invitations, marketing tools, agendas, handouts, and more)! The dropdown menus highlighted in yellow indicate that new resources have been added. Keep these in mind for next year and know that it’s never too early to get a jumpstart on planning your next EAST Night Out.

Even though the official week has passed, there are still schools that are planning their event in 2013. Be sure to check the schedule to see if there’s one coming to a location near you. Make plans to attend to share your support and to gain new ideas for next year.

Thank you to all of the EAST students and facilitators who helped make this event another HUGE success!


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