EAST Program



Summer Seminar is a required professional development opportunity for EAST Facilitators and EAST Core teachers. An optional one-day Tech Camp is offered before the Seminar to provide training in various technologies and software used in EAST classrooms. All registered Summer Seminar attendees may participate in Tech Camp.

Tech Camp (Optional)

Ouachita Baptist University 
Arkadelphia, Arkansas
July 8 (Tuesday)
Registration fee $50
Lunch provided
Receive up to 6 (six) technical credit hours
**Limited availability

Summer Seminar

Ouachita Baptist University
Arkadelphia, Arkansas

July 9-11 (Wednesday-Friday) 
Registration fee $200
Lunch provided July 9-10 
Receive up to 18 hours of professional development


Registration deadline is Wednesday, May 21, 2014An invoice for the registration fee(s) will be emailed to you after registration.  

Payment Deadline: Wednesday, July 2, 2014

To maintain EAST compliance, facilitators unable to attend must email events@eaststaff.org with a letter from the building principal on school letterhead, giving the reason for absence, before the registration deadline Wednesday, May 21, 2014.

Registration Terms & Conditions / Drop Policy

By registering for the EAST Summer Seminar (the 'Seminar'), you are confirming that you intend to participate at the levels for which you have registered at these events. In turn, the EAST Initiative incurs certain non-refundable costs and expenses on your behalf. For this reason, any registered participant who drops registration(s) after Friday, June 27, 2014, or does not attend without dropping, will be required to pay their full registration fee(s). 

Family & Friends at Summer Seminar

The EAST Initiative welcomes your family members and friends to the Summer Seminar activities, including the evening events! However, please be aware that seating in all general sessions and breakout sessions, as well as participation in break service, is strictly limited to registered EAST facilitators and EAST Core teachers. 


In an effort to provide you with a variety of food choices, we will have cafeteria-style lunches at OBU.  All lunches will be provided for registered Summer Seminar participants. Please present your nametag when entering the cafeteria. Family members and friends are welcome to join you for lunch and can pay the general price at the door, approximately $10 per person.  

Tech Camp Agenda (optional)

Tuesday, July 8

8:00 AM Registration
9:00 AM Tech Camp Begins
5:00 PM Sessions End

Summer Seminar Agenda

Wednesday, July 9

8:00 AM Registration
9:00 AM Seminar Begins
5:00 PM Sessions End

Thursday, July 10

8:30 AM Sessions Begin
5:00 PM Sessions End

Friday, July 11

8:30 AM Sessions Begin
12:30 PM Seminar Ends

Breakout Session Proposals

If you have a relevant and appropriate idea, strategy or project to share with participants please email events@eaststaff.org with the following information: Proposed Session Title, Description, Presenter(s), Session Type (hands-on or presentation), Technology Needs, and any additional information. Proposals will be accepted through Friday, May 9, 2014.

Seminar Sessions

Facilitators are invited to create their individual session schedules for Tech Camp and Summer Seminar.  

Tech Camp – If you are registered for Tech Camp, you may select one session in any or all of the three time slots.  Tech Camp registration was created to allow flexibility for your schedule. 

Click Here for Tech Camp Session Descriptions

Seminar – There are session blocks all three days that require you to select three of the four sessions provided.  This type of registration system allows facilitators to select sessions relevant to the growth of their program. Facilitators will also have the opportunity to collaborate and learn with EAST Core teachers.  Descriptions have been provided and we encourage you to review them before creating your schedule.

Click Here for Summer Seminar Session Descriptions

Parking at OBU

Tech Camp & Summer Seminar will be taking place in the Commons/Walker Center and McClellan Hall (MCC). Here are updated parking maps: 1) Main Campus Map view & 2) Full Campus view (to give you another perspective). The stars on both maps indicate the same reference point – Elrod Blvd (which shows up as N. 8th St. on Google Maps).  Registration for Tech Camp and Summer Seminar will take place at the Walker Center.  The easiest way to get there is to turn onto Elrod Blvd (or N. 8th St.) from N. 10th St/AR Hwy 7/U.S. Hwy 67 and follow the arrows. Several parking lots are available within a short walking distance of the Walker Center and they have been circled on the map. We suggest you plan to arrive to the campus early so you have plenty of time to find the Walker Center and parking areas.

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