2008 EAST Summer Seminar

Arkansas Sessions

Monday, July 21

EAST Staff, EAST Initiative
Registration will take place in the lobby of the Best Western Inn of the Ozarks Convention Center.

EAST Staff, EAST Initiative
We will discuss the details of the seminar during this session.

Supporting Each Other / Regional Site Support
EAST Staff, EAST Initiative
Make connections with programs in your area. This session will look into best practices of collaborative efforts of regional camps and project showcases. Large group presentation and roundtable discussions.

Symptoms of a Sick Lab
Dan Fields / Melissa Gallegos, EAST Initiative
What are typical symptoms of a sick lab? Is your program sick? Find out how sick and prescriptions to staying healthy. This session will highlight best practices and key program components that require consistent maintenance to keep your program healthy.

Lights, EAST, Action!
Angela VanZandt, ADE
Premiere of FuturEAST, plus learn how to facilitate the production of a film - how to fund, write, and produce a documentary or narrative film inside or outside the classroom - shorts and features.

Telling the EAST Story
Stacy Sells, Cranford, Johnson, Robinson, Woods
People everywhere love to hear a story. When trying to gather support for the EAST Initiative, facilitators need to think about “story-telling” as the key method for getting their messages out to their target audience. Whether communicating with principals, teachers, parents or the news media, Sells will share with you some communications strategies for telling your story in a “human interest” fashion that builds statewide support for EAST.

What's New With EAST?
Matt Dozier, EAST Initiative
We are eagerly looking forward to the 2008-2009 school year! We hope you are too. Come hear about our plans for this, EAST’s 13th year.

Tuesday, July 22

Mapping with the Trimble June GPS Receiver
We'll be outside and collecting GPS data with the latest inexpensive receiver from Trimble. Don't worry if you've never used GPS before - we'll walk you through the process. The Juno uses the same TerraSync software that is used on the GeoXM and Recon receivers, so this will be useful even if you don't currently have any Junos in your EAST classroom. Be sure to sign up for "GPS in EAST: Working with Pathfinder Office" as well!

Special EAST Projects
Ron Hardy, EAST Initiative
While all of the projects in EAST are special, there are those that take on a life of their own and resonate across local and regional boundaries; changing students, programs and schools. What do these projects have in common? How do they affect your program? Come and find out how to get involved.

Tools for the Classroom
Jerry Prince, EAST Initiative
Google and Microsoft have some great organizational tools available. This session will explore some of these tools and what they offer. Best of all, they are free and in some cases integrate into existing programs like Microsoft Office!

Basic Essential Skills for Success in the Workplace
Dwayne Mays, Methacrylates
This session is geared toward facilitators and will focus on three key points: the essential skills that employers look for in employees, the impact of the facilitators role to the student, and helping students understand the philosophy of the EAST model and how it impact their life currently and in the future.

GPS in EAST: Working with Pathfinder Office
In this hands-on session, we'll examine all aspects of using GPS except for the actual data collection. Learn how to plan a mission, figure out the best time to collect data, and export the data all the way into ArcGIS. We'll also give you the basic theory behind the Global Positioning System.

How to Teach Video to the You Tube Generation
Steve Taylor, SAU Tech
This short course will tackle issues that every teacher faces when they give a video assignment. How long should videos be? What do students need to be successful with a video project? How do I keep them safe? How much time should they have to complete an assignment? How good should the final product really be? What do I do with the video when we’re done? How do I grade a video project?

The Vast Chasm: Bridging Theory and Practice
Srini Ramaswamy, Ph. D, UALR - Department of Computer Science
In this session, we will examine the various myths and realities about the pursuit of Computing related majors and discuss how K-12 teachers can help address this growing imbalance between the IT haves and the IT have-nots in the global economy. Leveraging Computing as a transformational science which provides limitless opportunities will also be addressed.

Benefits of Technical Training
Jennifer Burroughs, EAST Initiative
Student technical training plays an important role in the success of an EAST Program. The benefits of technical training can encourage projects and inspire students. Come join us for a discussion about student technical training and the changes for the next year.

Tim Time
Tim Stephenson, Founder
Undoubtedly, one of the most determined and inspired educator of our time is Tim Stephenson. His dedication, determination and unwillingness to compromise led a group of students that no one expected much of to become the example by which we have grown an entire Initiative. Come and share with the founder of EAST as he reflects on the state of education today. You will probably laugh, you may cry…but you will definitely be inspired.

Dinner (Holiday Island)

Join us for dinner at the Holiday Inn Recreational Center. Directions will be provided in your registration packets.

Wednesday, July 23

It's Raining Projects
Mila Lynne Floro, Eureka Spings EAST
Frustrated that students can't find a project to work on? Discover the different ways to help your students find projects that meet their needs and wants, and still meet EAST goals. Find out how to have those projects grow year to year.

EAST and Community Development: Creating Stronger Synergies
Robert Pittman / Jennifer Tanner, UCA
Community development is about the process of improving quality of life in communities as well as the outcomes achieved – higher standards of living, a better physical environment, and stronger social bonds among citizens, to name a few. The process of community development involves gathering and assessing input from citizens on their priorities and issues to facilitate a broad-based and inclusive approach to planning. The outcomes cover the broad spectrum of community issues – economic development, health care, workforce development, education, infrastructure development, etc. EAST offers a unique resource to improve the process and outcomes of community development. EAST technology can assist in data gathering and analysis, and in virtually all areas of community improvement such as emergency management and housing. This session will begin with an overview of community development and some preliminary ideas on how EAST can contribute to it. The latter half of the session will be devoted to an interactive discussion on how EAST and community development can benefit each other even more. We will identify some new and interesting project ideas for EAST students and discuss a program and research agenda for the future. This session will be led by the Executive Director and Managing Director of the Community Development Institute at the University of Central Arkansas.

The Next 101 Geospatial Things To Do
Tired of hearing "geospatial this" and "GIS that", but not knowing how to get your kids interested? Come to this session and you'll pick up so many ideas and resources that your head will spin! This is the follow-up to last year's award-winning breakout session.

Competition Rewards: Growing the Student
Melanie Ridlon, EAST Initiative
By involving your students in the various competitions that take place at the EAST Conference, you are continuing to support one of the most valuable of EAST’s philosophies: Growing the Student. One of these competitions is the Founder’s Award. Winning this award last year was exciting for Brookland High School. Hear from the programs’ facilitator, Cindy Whitaker, on the student’s experiences with this competition over the last two years and minor changes to this competition for 2009.