Ready at School!: Nettleton Junior High School

Project Start Year: 2014 Community Focus: Local Client(s): Nettleton School District Administration, Teachers, and Staff

Technologies used in this project:

  • Animation
  • Audio/Video
  • Graphic Design
  • Other
  • Web Design

Software applications predominantly used in this project:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Final Cut Pro
  • FL Studio
  • Flash
  • Garage Band
  • Other
  • Photoshop
  • Virtual Reality Development Lab

Project Goal – What is the outcome/deliverable?:

-2 UHE emergency proceures iBooks & instructional video for k-2 UHE students on their school's emergency procedures -Emergency procedures training video for substitutes at NJHS -Safe-room designs for the Nettleton Junior High and High School campus that is large enough to accommodate 1500 students

Purpose of Project – Who is the project helping and what is the project about?:

To provide training to students, faculty, staff, and to substitute teachers in emergency response procedures to ensure the safety of all Nettleton students. To develop resources including iBooks, website and safe room designs to insure the safety if all Nettleton students.

Future Plans:

Students are planning to create iBooks and instructional videos for each of the Nettleton elementary and intermediate schools. They are also planning training videos for substitute teachers of each of the Nettleton school buildings.

Additional Information:

This NSP entry is made up of several smaller projects done by multiple teams of students. They were generally addressing the same topic and target population, so I grouped them together.

Status of Project:


Current screenshots of project: