Are You Ready Emergency Awareness: Batesville Junior High School

Project Start Year: 2014 Community Focus: School Client(s): Danny Daniels, Assistant Principal

Technologies used in this project:

  • Audio/Video
  • Other

Software applications predominantly used in this project:

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Microsoft Office Suite

Project Goal – What is the outcome/deliverable?:

We created a PowerPoint that shows the planned procedures that we will use in an emergency situations, and also an awareness video that will be shown before the PowerPoint.

Purpose of Project – Who is the project helping and what is the project about?:

To train students and faculty at Batesville Junior High School to be prepared for emergency situations that could happen in our school.

Future Plans:

We plan to take our project to the Batesville elementary schools, and also train their teachers in emergency preparedness.

Additional Information:

Status of Project:


Current screenshots of project: