National Service Project 2013 - 2014: Health and Wellness

Every year, EAST® challenges its schools and students to go beyond the projects they are currently developing and focus on a specific theme.    Over the years, EAST students have developed projects around the themes of alleviating hunger, supporting US troops and their families, energy issues, and opportunity and entrepreneurship.   We look forward to seeing some 25,000 EAST students tackle our newest National Service Project which is “Health and Wellness.”  This year, EAST students will have the opportunity to look for solutions to engage more people in healthy eating and active living practices.   Health and wellness practices affect all members of all ages in all communities. 


Next steps:  

Please check out our NSP Announcements and Extra Opportunities discussion on the forums as well as NSP Problem and Project discussion there as well.  You will also find links to these on the left side of this page.  

Also, take a look at a few of these leading questions that were designed to help you get started with brainstorming about Health and Wellness issues in your communities.
  • Are there enough safe and affordable opportunities in your community for all ages to participate in physical activities to improve physical health?

  • Are there opportunities or programs to lower stress levels and to improve mental health?

  • Can people in your community obtain fresh, healthy, affordable and locally grown food?

  • Is there ample nutrition and/or physical activity access in your school and community?

  • Are there opportunities for healthy physical activities for all ages in your community, such as disc golf, hiking trails, skating, golf, cycling, racquetball, tennis, dancing, sand volleyball, or swimming to promote lifelong physical activity?

  • Are there any mental or substance abuse problems in your community?  If so, what are the underlying issues that cause the problem?  What possible solutions are available?

  • Does your school, community, county, and/or region have plans or a committee to address improvements of overall health, wellness and disease prevention?

  • What laws and policies could help improve your community’s, your state’s, your nation’s, your world’s overall health?


*Still to come: Check back with us soon for information from community partners who are looking to work with your EAST programs.

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