Troop J - Our Involvement: Dover High School

Project Start Year: 2014 Community Focus: Regional Client(s): Arkansas State Police Troop J

Technologies used in this project:

  • CAD(Computer Aided Design)
  • Graphic Design

Software applications predominantly used in this project:

  • ArchiCAD
  • Photoshop

Project Goal – What is the outcome/deliverable?:

Maps/Floor plans in digital and print to be part of an assembled resource binder of all schools in the Troop J area

Purpose of Project – Who is the project helping and what is the project about?:

To create campus layouts and building floor plans/maps for Troop J State Police officers

Future Plans:

To review and complete any edits as requested by the client. It is the hope of Troop J that this project will be expanded to other state police offices across the state. We would be a resource for new EAST teams taking on this project for their area.

Additional Information:

This is a collaborative project for many area EAST schools. Each of us completed the maps for our assigned schools and buildings then submitted our finished products to EAST at Dardanelle.

Status of Project:


Current screenshots of project:


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