Today's THV: A Double Feature That's A Can't Miss


Today's THV:  A Double Feature That's A Can't Miss
10/21/2008 10:32:09 AM

Emma and Sarah Bailin, EAST Night Out and the EAST Initiative's work in our schools were one of the top stories on the 10 p.m. newscast for KTHV, Channel 11 on Tuesday, October 21

Here's a link to the video:

They're twins in the 10th grade, but you'd never know it looking at their work.



The East Labs in Arkansas provide students an opportunity to creatively get involved in their community. For 10th graders Sarah and Emma Balin, that meant a chance to produce a documentary.

They're identical twins, and their jobs are well defined, sort of. Sarah writes. Emma shoots and edits. Sometimes those lines blur a bit. When Sarah heard about the Cuban refugee issue from 1979, she knew it was the type of history lesson that could be dramatized well. Using archival photos, they told the story of how a humanitarian act changed the political landscape in Arkansas. For their efforts, the Balin twins won the top award for documentaries at the student filmmaking awards in Fort Lauderdale. In the process, they beat 400 other high schools nationwide.

The documentary is entitled "Return To Sender." It has been featured at the Indy-Festival in Memphis and this past weekend at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.

Neither twin is sure they'll continue their filmaking when they graduate high school. Emma is sure she'd like to have a Ph.D. Sarah feels like writing may be her strong suit, but films still could be on the horizon. She does confess to dreaming of an Academy Award. They plan to continue working together, winning awards, and the Arkansas Community will be the better for it.

That's the whole idea behind East Labs.



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