2019 EAST Upgrade Grant

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2019-20 EAST Upgrade Grant information


2019-20 EAST Upgrade Grant Information

In cooperation with the Arkansas Department of Education, the EAST Initiative is pleased to be able to offer the EAST Upgrade Grant Program to eligible Arkansas schools. This grant is a matching grant up to $10,000, including the matching funds. It leverages our collective support in partnership with matching local funds to ensure the technological capacity of local EAST programs. While programs are expected to plan and maintain their up-to-date technological capacity, we recognize the need to help supplement these efforts when funding is available.


Grant Timeline


  • Grant announcement – Friday, April 12, 2019
  • EAST will begin accepting submissions (link opens) – Thursday, May 9, 2019, at 9:00 AM
  • Deadline for submissions (link closes) -  Friday, June 28, 2019, at 3:00 PM
  • Award announcement – Wednesday, July 24, 2019
  • Purchase deadline - Friday, November 1, 2019
  • Verification visit from EAST staff member - November 2019 through May 2020


EAST Upgrade Grant Submission Website Link

The 2019 EAST Upgrade Grant will officially open for applications on May 9, 2019, at 9:00 AM. All applications must be submitted digitally through the EAST Upgrade Grant submission link. The link will not open until 9:00 AM on May 9, 2019, and then will close at 3:00 PM on June 28, 2019. You will receive an upload verification email.

Any applications received after the submission deadline or via fax, email, or mail will be not be accepted.


Instructions for Submission


  • Download the file found below.
  • Rename the file by typing your school name at the front of the file name.
  • Open the file with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (a free download.)
  • Fill in the form. Save as needed.
  • Be sure to fill in the application completely BEFORE you start getting signatures. Once a signature is added, the form will be closed to editing.
  • Click "Fill & Sign" for signatures (in the right column of Acrobat Reader DC.) Then click on the pen nib icon that says "Sign" (at the top of the form) to create a signature.
  • Save the completed form.
  • Upload the form through the EAST Upgrade Grant website.


Click Here to Download RFP in PDF Format


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  If my district is providing more than $5,000 can I include that in the equipment list?

Certainly. The final purchase amount can be in any amount. The grant will match up to $5,000 maximum.

2.  What if we can’t commit this round?

You will be eligible for future grant cycles; however, this is a year-to-year grant pool. Annual funding for this grant is not guaranteed.

3.  Are there only specific items that can be purchased?

The EAST Upgrade Grant is for the purchase of hardware and software for the local EAST program. You do not have to purchase from the EAST specifications; however, items on the EAST specification list are readily accepted. You are encouraged to submit other hardware/software items for consideration that you believe would be of great benefit for your EAST program. Items of a consumable nature (e.g. toner) and classroom furniture/fixtures are not eligible.

4.  Can we amend what is ordered after submission?

Any deviation from the grant process or purchase list must be approved in writing prior to the purchase of equipment. Any changes would need to be of a comparable nature (upgrade make/model (e.g. server model Y instead of server model X ) versus total change (e.g. 3D Printer instead of Server). Departure from the approved list will result in forfeiture of grant funds. 

5.  Can the district use funding spent prior to grant application for matching?

Only funds expended after July 1, 2019 may be used for the match.

6.  What if we did not fully participate in required events?

If you did not fully participate in the required events, you will not be eligible for this cycle.  You are eligible when you meet all of the following:

Fully participate in Conference for two consecutive years, AND

Fully participate in Summer Seminar for three consecutive years (or substitute Summer Remix for one of the three years, if applicable), AND

Participate in at least two Student Trainings in each of the previous two school years, AND

If applicable, fully participate in all sessions of Phase Training.

 7.  What if our program didn’t meet the minimum of four additional events?

If you have not participated in at least four additional events, please remedy and apply next cycle. These are critical to program growth.

8.  What about taxes and shipping?

Taxes, shipping and handling should be figured into the total.

9.  What documentation do I need to keep and make available for the validation visit?

Be prepared to produce physical items (workstations, cameras, servers,), purchase documentation, and classroom inventory.)

10.  Can I get assistance on purchases with recommendations from the EAST staff?

Absolutely, in fact, you are encouraged to speak with members of the EAST staff that are most familiar with equipping the EAST classrooms with the latest in technologies and resources available.

11.  What is the Upgrade Submission Link?  Where do I find it?

We are requiring all grant applications to be submitted digitally through the Upgrade Grant Submission link. The link will be active starting at 9:00 AM on May 9, 2018.  The link will then close at 3:00 PM on June 28, 2019.  Any applications received after the submission deadline or via fax, email, or mail will NOT be accepted,

The Upgrade Grant Submission Link is located on the EAST Initiative Website, then click on “Grants” under the “Library” section.  From there click on the “EAST Upgrade Grant for Arkansas Schools” and the Upgrade Submission Link will be on that page.

12.  Are there any items that cannot be considered for purchasing?

Drones cannot be purchased using upgrade money

Supplies like toner and paper cannot be purchased but items like memory cards, accessories are allowed.

Items not in a typical EAST classroom will be considered. Please detail reasoning to assist in the process.

Subscription items (e.g. Adobe Creative Cloud, Office 365) will be considered, please work with your local purchasing agent for best pricing. Online prices are often inflated in comparison.

Extreme items (e.g. a server or a video camera at a cost of $3,000 each will be considered though needs details explaining the need for going well beyond typical)

13.  Can I buy from any vendor?

Yes - we encourage districts to work with vendors for which they have good relationships. We can assist if needed on pricing or vendor recommendations. 


Schools Eligible to Apply
(based upon year of implementation or last Upgrade Grant awarded)


Alpena High School

Annie Camp Junior High School

Arkadelphia High School

Arkansas High School

Ashdown Junior High School

Bald Knob Schools

Batesville Junior High School

Bauxite Schools

Beebe Junior High School

Beebe Middle School

Bentonville High School

Bergman High School

Bismarck High School

Buffalo Island Central High School

Cabot High School

Calico Rock High School

Cave City High School

Centerpoint High School

Central Junior High School

Clarendon High School

College Hill Elementary School

College Hill Middle School

Cossatot River High School

DeWitt High School

Dierks High School

Don Tyson School of Innovation

Douglas MacArthur Junior High School

Dover Middle School

Drew Central High School

Dumas Junior High School

Dumas New Tech High School

Dunbar Magnet Middle School

Eagle Mountain Magnet Elementary School

El Dorado High School

eStem High Public Charter School

Eureka Springs High School

Farmington High School

Fordyce High School

Fountain Lake High School

Gardner STEM Magnet School

Gentry Public Schools

George Junior High School

Gravette High School

Green Forest Schools

Greenbrier Junior High School

Greenbrier Middle School

Greene County Technical High School

Greenland High School

Hackett High School

Hackler Intermediate School

Hall High School

Hampton High School

Harrisburg College and Preparatory School

Harrisburg Elementary School

Harrison Middle School

Heber Springs High School

Henderson Middle School

Horatio High School

Hot Springs Intermediate School

Hot Springs Junior Academy

Huntsville High School

J.A. Fair High School

Jacksonville High School

Jacksonville Middle School

Joe T. Robinson Middle School

Jonesboro High School

Lake Hamilton High School

Lakeside High School - Hot Springs

Lakeside High School - Lake Village

Lakeside Middle School - Lake Village

Lamar High School

Lincoln High School

Lincoln Middle School

Lonoke Middle School

Mabelvale Magnet Middle School

Magazine High School

Magnet Cove High School

Magnolia High School

Magnolia Junior High School

Malvern Elementary School

Malvern High School

Mammoth Spring High School

Mann Magnet Middle School

Marshall High School

Martin Luther King Elementary School

Maumelle Middle School

McClellan Magnet High School

Mena High School

Mena Middle School

Midland High School

Mineral Springs High School

Monticello High School

Monticello Middle School

Mountain Pine High School

Mountain View High School

Murfreesboro High School

Nashville High School

Nettleton Junior High School

Newport High School

North Heights Junior High School

North Little Rock High School

North Little Rock Middle School

Oak Grove Middle School

Omaha High School

Paragould Junior High School

Parkview Magnet High School

Perryville High School

Prairie Grove High School

Prairie Grove Middle School

Prescott High School

Quest Middle School of West Little Rock

Rison Schools

Riverside High School

Russellville High School

Russellville Junior High School

Southside Charter High School - Batesville

Southside High School - Fort Smith

Southside Junior High School - Batesville

Southwest Junior High School

Strong High School

Sylvan Hills High School

Valley View High School

Valley View Junior High School

Viola High School

West Fork High School

West Fork Middle School

West Side High School - Greers Ferry

White Hall High School

Wilbur D. Mills High School

Wilson Intermediate School

Woodlawn High School

Wynne Intermediate School of Innovation

2019 EAST Upgrade Grant