Sharing the EAST Story

Why do we need to tell the EAST story?

Because education is different here! EAST® (Environmental and Spatial Technology) is an educational model that focuses on student-driven service projects accomplished by using teamwork and cutting-edge technology. Students identify problems in their local communities and  use this technology to develop solutions, collaborating with civic and other groups. This method of learning provides the skills and real-life experience that students need to be competitive and successful both in school and in their careers.


Who needs to hear the EAST story?

  • Local community
  • School administration and other teachers
  • Family members
  • Other students
  • General public
  • Media


How do we tell the EAST story?

By showing it! There are no better ambassadors of the EAST concept than EAST students. At EAST Night Out, students tell their EAST stories by displaying and demonstrating their projects. Guests see first-hand the hard work, dedication and real-world experience being gained in the EAST classroom, and what it means for the community.


When do we tell the EAST story?

Throughout the school year, through project work in the community, special events and news stories about project completions, awards and more. On EAST Night Out, schools across the nation invite the public to visit their EAST classrooms.


Where do we tell the EAST story?

EAST Night Out can take place in an EAST classroom, at an EAST project site, or wherever convenient for that particular school and community.


Can multiple EAST programs get together to tell the EAST story?

Absolutely, and it is encouraged. Communities and/or districts with multiple EAST programs are encouraged to host a joint event, to enhance participation from school administration, community leaders, legislators and the general public.