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Telling the EAST Story
Why do we need to tell the EAST story?
Because EAST supplies our public school students with learning opportunities that provide the real-life experience they need to be competitive and successful both in school and in their careers.
Who are we telling the story to?
  • Community Leaders - they help us maintain and grow EAST and provide invaluable assistance to your local program
  • Media
  • Local Community
  • Administration and other school teachers - for support of your program
  • Family Members
  • Other students - for recruitment purposes
How do we tell the story?
Actually, we are going to tell the EAST story by showing the EAST story. There are no better ambassadors of the EAST successes than EAST students. Students will tell the EAST story through demonstration of EAST projects. Open house participants will have the opportunity to see, first-hand, the hard work, the dedication and the real-world applications of your EAST classroom.
When do we tell the story?
You should tell the EAST story whenever possible. For EAST Night Out purposes there is an established date designated in the fall for this event when EAST schools across the nation will invite community leaders to their respective classrooms to demonstrate EAST projects.
Where do we tell the story?
In your EAST classroom, at an EAST project site, or the next best possible location to fit the needs of your individual event.
Can multiple programs collaborate and host one EAST Night Out event?
Absolutely and it is encouraged. Communities and/or districts with multiple EAST programs are encouraged to host one common EAST Night Out to enhance participation from administration, community leaders, and legislators.
Here is a sneak peek of a general planning timeline to host your EAST Night Out.


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