Conference 2009

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Banquet Tickets / Seating

How to Order Guest Banquet Tickets

As space allows, guest tickets for the Awards Banquet may be purchased by members of the general public or by EAST programs who invite members of their school, administration, parents or community partners.

Additional Tickets: $35 each

EAST Facilitators: To reserve your guest banquet tickets (limited to 20 per program), simply register a guest on your Conference Planner.  This will automatically generate an email to the EAST staff with your request.  An invoice will be sent to you via email. Once payment is received, your tickets will be placed in your registration bag available for pick up on Tuesday, March 3rd.

Ticket Order Deadline

Don’t miss out on your dinner by ordering too late.

The deadline to order tickets is Wednesday, February 11th. All payments for ordered tickets must be received no later than Wednesday, February 18th or your tickets will be cancelled.

Ticket purchases are refundable until Wednesday, February 18th.

Banquet Seating

The Banquet Hall will be divided into four (4) sections. Each section will be assigned a specific entrance door, seating time and colored banquet ticket. (See Diagram)

Banquet Floor Layout

Wednesday evening, March 4, doors will open at the times specified below. Be prepared for the time to fluctuate 5 to 10 minutes in either direction.

Section 1 - 5:50 PM
Section 2 - 6:00 PM
Section 3 - 6:10 PM
Section 4 - 6:20 PM

Note: The yellow section is for VIPs. The blue section will be used for Founder's Award Finalists and the orange sections are for overflow .

For your convenience, the lobby doors will have roped off sections to help facilitate group lines. Each table will have a tent card matching the colored banquet ticket in the designated section. Each EAST program or guests will not have an assigned table or seat but will be required to sit in their assigned section. Ushers will be available in the banquet hall to help facilitate this process.

Choosing Your Section

After the banquet payment deadline on February 6th, conference registration will be closed.  Your Program Impact Assessment Online Submissions have a date and time stamp. We will use this information and the number of registered attendees to assign each school to a section beginning with the middle two sections (Group 2 and 3). Once a section is full, we will move to the next section until all the sections are filled. If you prefer Sections 1 or 4 specifically, please email Melanie Ridlon directly and we will do our best to accomodate this request.

Banquet tickets will be in the registration bag you receive at the conference. Minor changes to your registered attendees can be made at the registration desk. We will do our best to accomodate additional attendees by placing them in the overflow tables within your assigned section. If at that point all of the tables in your section are full, you will recieve the additional tickets needed in a different section.

Facilitators will be asked to verify that the number of banquet and t-shirt tickets within their registration bag are accurate. If after registration you find you were actually missing a ticket one will have to be purchased.

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