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2010 EAST Conference Logo Competition

2010 EAST Conference
Theme: EAST Education is Different Here
March 2-4, 2010
Hot Springs Convention Center & Summit Arena

2010 Logo Competition Sponsored By:

This competition began, March 5th, with the announcement of the 2010 EAST Conference theme: EAST Education is Different Here.

What is a logo?

Before you begin the design phase, please research different logos. Notice that most logos are simple representations of a theme or concept.

Competition Submission Guidelines

  1. The logo should be a graphic representation of the Conference theme: EAST Education is Different Here - Things to think about when brainstorming your design:
    • This is the 14th year EAST has had an impact on students, schools and communities
    • This is the 11th annual EAST Conference
    • The changes that have taken place in EAST, the technology we use, our growth, and the level of impact EAST students have made on their communitites, etc.
    • Students in 3rd grade to beyond high school participate in EAST
    • Does the logo show service? Does it show digital technology?  Does it show "environmental and spatial technologies?"
  2. Tips for creating a logo -  Make sure your design communicates the conference theme.
    • Use simple shapes and text
    • Do not use photographs
    • Use a distinct color scheme (3 colors maximum).  If you use more than 1 color, you must also create and submit a 1 color logo design.
    • Create the design in vector format (Adobe Illustrator or Encapsulated PostScript). 
    • Be creative!
  3. Artwork MUST be Original
    • You are welcome to get ideas from the internet, but do not use another designer's work.
    • Photographs should not be used unless they are absolutely integral to the design.  If photographs are used, the logo designer will be asked to provide permission to use them.
    • No clip art please! You have excellent tools in your classroom that can allow you to design your own graphics, such as Illustrator
  4. File Specifications
    • Submissions must be in vector format created in either Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or Encapsulated PostScript (.eps).  We prefer that Adobe Photoshop is not used because this is not vector format.  However, if this is all that is avaialble in your classroom then the design must be created at a very high resolution (3600px by 3600px).  This will make sure the logo can be enlarged to huge proportions (signs, banners, etc.).  If Photoshop is used, then in the submission email it must indicate that it was created in the resolution requested.
    • Please send your original document with the layers intact. Do not merge your work layers.
    • Include a JPEG proof with your vector file
    • Provide the design on a light background and on a dark background
    • You may be asked to tweak your design. Be sure to save your original work.
    • If you use any specific fonts, please include the font names in your submission.
    • Name your file using your first and last name (i.e.  If you submit more than one file, follow the same guidelinesa nd add a number at the end (i.e.,, etc.
  5. Think of all the possibilities! Keep in mind that the logo will be featured prominently on the web site, t-shirts, programs, banners, invitations, banquet stage, and more.  Make sure your logo will work on any background color.

How to Submit

Deadline for submissions - Wednesday, May 20th

Submissions that follow the three steps below will be recognized as complete and will be accepted.

  1. Name your logo design following the guidelines above.  Logos that are not named correctly will not be considered.
  2. Upload your logo/s to the FTP site (see below). Remember we need the following logos:
    • Logo Design that was created in Adobe Illustrator or Encapsulated PostScript
    • JPEG Proof of the same design
    • Show the logo on a light background and on a dark background
    • If you use multiple colors (remember no more than 3) in your design, you must also provide your logo using 1 color.
  3. Send an email notification (see below)

Uploading your logo to the FTP Site

  1. Using "My Computer" go to
  2. When the login box pops up, type east\logo for the username
  3. In the password box, type e@st_ftp
  4. Hit enter on your keyboard or click the log on button on your screen.  You may now drag and drop OR copy your files onto this area to complete the process.
  5. Once you have placed your files into this folder, you will not be able to make any changes to or delete your submission.

E-Mail Notification Process

Once you have uploaded your logo files to the FTP site, please send an e-mail to containing the following information.

  1. Name of Designer(s)
  2. Number of Files and their File Names
  3. School Names
  4. Facilitator Name & Email Address
  5. Inspiration Behind the Design

If you have more than one design, please send a seperate e-mail for each.

Note: If your submission is complete, you will receive a "thank you" email.

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