Conference 2009

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Documentation Team Members

We are excited to announce the students who will be working together to tell the story of the 2009 EAST Partnership Conference.



Student Name  School Name  Position 
Ashley Cooper  Lakeside High School (HS)  Team Leader 
Jessica Swindle  Nettleton High School  Photographer Manager 
Filiberto Escamilla  Monticello High School  Photographer 
Megan Combs  Mammoth Spring High School  Photographer 
Trever McGinnis  Oak Grove High School  Photographer 
Amber Sanders  Annie Camp Junior High School  Reporter 
Bentley Brodnax  Monticello Middle School  Reporter 
Sawyer McDaniel  Nettleton High School  Reporter 
Stephen Martin  Cedarville High School  Reporter 
CJ Bramlett  Rose Bud High School  Videographer 
Matt Taylor  Nettleton High School  Videographer 
Zachary Peterson  Morrilton High School  Videographer 
Emily Richmond  Annie Camp Junior High School Virtual Reality  
Zachary Matlock  Magnet Cove High School  Virtual Reality  



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