Conference 2009

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Name, Appearance & Image Authorization & Release Form

The EAST Conference is a great opportunity for the EAST Initiative to document the experience of students and other EAST participants.  With that being said, we would like to make sure that all EAST participants are protected and aware of the possible use of their images.  We are requesting that all conference participants complete a Name, Appearance & Image Authorization & Release Form.

You can also find this form at the above link or on your "My Conference Planner" page.  Please download and print off the release form for all facilitators, chaperones, and EAST students attending the event.  These forms need to be signed and a JPEG version needs to be uploaded by February 4th(Deadline extended to February 6th due to inclement weather issues)

Note: Chaperones (a registered conference attendee that does not have a EAST login) will need to bring their signed form with them to the Conference and this must be turned in during registration.

GOOD NEWS: Beginning this year, if you submit a signed copy of this form then this form will be on record and can be used each year.  This means that next Conference we will not ask you to do this again.

If, for some reason, a parent prefers that their student not be filmed or photographer then that student will not upload a form.  Any participant (other than the chaperone) that has not uploaded their signed form by the deadline of February 6th will be unobtrusively identified at conference so they will not be included in any publications.

If you have a last minute change in your attendees, please bring the completed form with you to Conference.  They will need to be turned in upon registration.



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