Conference 2009

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The EAST vision is to create an educational environment where students own the skills to escape ordinary expectations and achieve extraordinary things.

The EAST Philosophy is based on the following educational principles: All students have value and deserve the opportunity to demonstrate their value to their school and community. Education must be relevant, challenging, purposeful, and Student Centered. Educators should serve as resource guides and learner facilitators. Learning should be self-directed and oriented towards real-world projects. High expectations must be maintained and must drive all student efforts.

We do this by providing students a unique and relevant learning environment that challenges them to radically improve their personal, social and economic value to their community, region and nation. A large part of this learning takes place at and around the EAST Initiative’s annual conference in Hot Springs, Arkanas.

For our students the EAST Conference is: A huge celebration of their accomplishments. A networking opportunity. EAST’s largest training venue. A chance to get validation on their work from thousands of people including business and government who come in and check out what they’ve been doing. A venue where many regional efforts get underway, larger projects begin and students pick up information on scholarships and career opportunities. For many students, it is their first exposure to a professional industry-like conference. For some students, it is the best meal they’ve had all year and their first exposure to a formal dinner-like setting.

For you, the EAST Conference will provide: Opportunities to build brand awareness of your school, business, organization or program with students, teachers and families from 8 states and 5 time zones. Opportunities to support and learn about a wide range of community and economic development activities. A chance to attract the attention of potential employees who are self-motivated, self-confident, technology-savy and “outside the box” thinkers.

We consider EAST to be one of our most important pipeline programs for potential high school and college student talent. - Allison Nicholas Team Leader College Recruiting and University Relations Acxiom Corporation.

It’s amazing what an EAST student can do. Just give us a computer, time and a couple of books…Hey, we can rule the world! -2008 EAST Student

Contact Information

Contact Amy Glover Bryant for questions regarding the various ways you or your organization can get involved in the 2009 EAST Conference.

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