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Internet Options

Internet Options for the Hot Springs Convention Center

The Hot Springs Convention Center offers a couple of options for schools and vendors to have internet access in their booths. There are strict guidelines that pertain to these options. We ask that schools who purchase internet access make sure all students are aware of these guidelines.

Connection via LAN Line

For the three day event:

The Convention Center does not allow hubs, switches or routers to be used to connect more than one computer to a computer with internet access. If this is done, you will be invoiced for the additional computers connected as they will track it using IP numbers.

If you make an advanced order (prior to the Conference), please fax the complete form to Kelli Withers at (501) 620-5009 or mail it to her at the Hot Springs Convention Center, 134 Convention Boulevard, Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901.

Wireless Connection

Wireless connections are available through AT&T. You can purchase a 24 hour connection for $9.95. The same guidelines on hubs, switches and routers apply to this option and will not be allowed.

To use this option, follow these instructions while at the Convention Center:

  1. Open your laptop making sure that your wireless card is enabled
  2. Double click on Internet Explorer which should automatically open the webpage
  3. Apply payment with a credit or debit card

If you have AT&T DSL at home and have added AT&T Wi-Fi to the account, you can use the service for free while you are at the Convention Center. You will need to know your user ID for your DSL account and your password in order to access this option.

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