Conference 2009

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Program Impact Assessment

The Program Impact Assessment is a snapshot of the judge’s view on how well your program is impacting your community. All schools will be evaluated using the same criteria. Based on your program's overall score, your program will receive a rating of Good, Excellent or Superior. Certificates will be presented at your booth on the final day of the Conference. We encourage you to use this rating, along with the scores on the rubric, to assist you and your students in focusing on areas of growth for the future and benefit of your EAST program.

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Be Considerate

Presenting to the judges tends to be very intimidating to students. With this in mind we ask that you do everything you can to allow your students the best possible environment for their presentation including:

  • Making sure that the booth space is not crowded by the students not presenting (optimally these students will be observing other booths, attending breakout sessions, etc. so that your presenters have the booth to themselves ahead of the presentation for practice and preparation.
  • Not allowing parents, supporters, other students, or facilitators to “hover” in the booth area during your PIA presentation. Not only is this distracting for your students it can be distracting for the judges as well (we know of at least two instances when judges commented on the lack of presentation skill and shyness of a student not involved in PIA)
  • Do not videotape the presentation. This can be extremely intimidating and will not be permitted.

Program Impact Assessment Guidelines

The Program Impact Assessment consists of four components: Pre-Conference Activities, Booth Design, Your EAST Program and Presentation.

Pre-Conference Activities (10% of your overall score)

This component includes all tasks that need to be completed by deadlines prior to the Conference. Completing these tasks on time shows the organization by your Conference Team and will be a portion of your overall score. Tasks that will be included are:

  1. School registered by November 5th
  2. Submit pictures by December 17th - Click here for details
  3. Students registered by February 4th
  4. Online Program Impact Assessment Submission completed by February 4th
  5. Students registered for breakout sessions by February 25th
  6. Program Impact Assessment Presentation Upload by February 25th

This evaluation will be done by EAST staff prior to the Conference.

Booth Design (5% of your overall score)

The Program Impact Assessment judges will not be evaluating your booth design. A separate group of judges will evaluate the booths prior to the exhibit hall opening on Wednesday morning. Remember, the focus of your booth should be to show aspects of your entire program. Please refer to the Booth Design Rubric for more information on what the judges are looking for in your booth design. Make sure to also view additional criteria in the Booths section. For ideas on your booth design, check out the Booth Gallery from 2008.

Presentation (25% of your overall score)

The student Presentation Team will have 10 minutes with the judges. During these 10 minutes, your students will need to accomplish the following:

  • Present a formal presentation about your program. (suggested 5-7 minutes
  • Utilize the additional time to conduct a question & answer session to provide additional evidence to the judges.

If the Question and Answer session concludes prior to the 10 minute time limit, the judges will ask your presenters if there is anything else they need to know prior to leaving your booth. During the presentation, your students will be evaluated on the team's presentation skills and your EAST Program. Understand that it is not necessary to list off a large number of projects that are taking place within your EAST program.  Although that information is valuable, the real focus of EAST is how your program is impacting the community and growing the student.

A copy of this presentation must be uploaded on your Program Impact Assessment On-line Submission page by strong>Wednesday, February 25th. Use the Assessment Rubric at the top of this page as a guideline for your Presentation Team.

Your EAST Program (60% of your overall score)

Your EAST Program will be evaluated by the judges before and during their time with you in your booth. Your program will complete a pre-conference, on-line submission component by Wednesday, February 4th. For more information, see Program Impact Assessment On-line Submission. This submission will be given to the judges prior to the Conference so they can become familiar with your program.

While the judges are visiting your booth, they will use the rubric at the top of this page to evaluate your Community Involvement & Collaboration, Teamwork, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, and Student Growth. When reviewing the rubric, notice that they will be looking for pieces of evidence that show your EAST Program is striving to accomplish the goals and standards of EAST. You will display evidence through your presentation and in your booth design.

Examples of evidence you may include are reference letters from groups that you have worked with on projects, press releases, newspaper articles, photos, videos, brochures, posters, peer evaluations, project plans/summaries, evidence of problem solving strategies, project binders, web sites, letters from teachers or members of the community, scholarships, student testimonials and other items that would show the judges the impact your program is making.

Quiet Zone

Music is never permitted in your booth during the entire Conference unless it is part of a student project. Even then it must be kept at a low volume to ensure there are no disruptions to the neighboring booths.

On Wednesday, from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, the Quiet Zone will be implemented. Music or sound is ONLY allowed if you are presenting to the judges. If your program is displaying projects that require music or sound during the Quiet Zone we request that you provide headphones to your visitors.

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