Conference 2009

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Full Participation & Attendance

EAST Program Attendance

Attending the EAST Conference is required for all EAST Programs that are currently active and under the full level of support.

Each EAST Program is permitted to bring a total of 10 people to the Conference. This includes a maximum of 8 students and 2 facilitators. If only one facilitator is attending, another school staff member or parent may attend as a chaperone.

Guests and Additional Students

Each program should encourage parents, board members, administrators or other community members to visit the Exhibit Floor on March 4th. Opportunities for your guests to attend the Awards Banquet can be found here.

Additional students are invited to view the exhibits on Thursday, March 5th from 9:00 a.m. through the estimated end time of 1:30 p.m. Remember that all students and guests who attend the Conference are asked to abide by the dress guidelines.

The following information is also provided when the facilitator registers for the EAST Conference.  Please use the information below as a reference, if needed.

Conference Drop Policy

By registering for the EAST Conference (the 'Conference'), you are confirming that your school intends to participate fully at this event. Participation includes, but is not limited to, utilizing your assigned booth space, attending breakout sessions, participating in the Program Impact Assessment, and staying for the duration of the event. In turn, the EAST Initiative incurs certain non-refundable costs and expenses for you and your students. For this reason, any school registered for the Conference that drops its registration after Friday, February 6, 2008, will be required to pay a $500.00 drop fee to cover the costs and expenses referenced above, and other related costs and expenses.

Upon notification of the dropped registration, the applicable school's principal will be sent an invoice for this fee, payable upon receipt. In addition, any school registered for the Conference that does not attend will also be required to pay the $500.00 drop fee. An invoice will be sent to the applicable school’s principal for this fee once the Conference is completed, payable upon receipt.

Care of Premises

Damage to the exhibit space, convention center, related premises, booth equipment, or furnishings (collectively the 'Premises') caused by the exhibitor is the full responsibility of the exhibitor. Such damage will be repaired and invoiced to the exhibitor. In addition, parts of an exhibit, signs, and other materials may not be pasted, nailed, hot glued or otherwise affixed to walls, doors, or other surfaces in a way that might mar or deface the Premises. Any damage from failure to observe this requirement is payable by the exhibitor as well.


EAST Initiative is not responsible for loss of or damage to any valuables or other items of any participant in the Conference.

The terms and conditions above will be governed by the laws of the State of Arkansas, and all disputes that might arise in connection with them will be adjudicated in Pulaski County, Arkansas. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement and understanding between the parties hereto relating to the subject matter contained herein. Each party agreeing to these terms and conditions covenants that he/she has the power and authority to do so on behalf of his or school or similar entity.

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