Conference 2009

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2010 EAST Conference

At the 2008 EAST Conference, we started a tradition that we hope to continue.  The 2009 EAST Conference dates, location, and theme were announced at the closing session.  By providing this information earlier in the year, we were able to begin the logo competition much earlier and have the design in place before the 2008/2009 School Year ended. 

2010 EAST Conference Theme

To keep up with this tradition, we need your help in coming up with a theme for the 2010 EAST Conference.   If you have an idea or many ideas for a new theme, please send them to  Be sure to put in the subject line 2010 EAST Conference theme. In the body of the email include your name, facilitator's name, school name, and your ideas. 

For inspiration, past Conference themes:

2000 / 2001 - Catch a Rising Star
2002 - EAST - Expect More, Achieve More...Make A Difference
2003 - The EAST Vision - Catch it, Share it, Live it!
2004 - EAST...Unleashing the Potential
2005 - EAST...Passport to the Future
2006 - Decade of Difference
2007 - Limits Not Included
2008 - Building A Path, Leaving A Trail
2009 - This is...My EAST

2010 Logo Competition

Guidelines for the 2010 Logo Competition will be available in March. 

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