Conference 2009

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Breakout Sessions


Students and facilitators will have the opportunity to attend free training in the form of hands-on and presentation style breakout sessions during the 2009 EAST Conference.

Breakout Session Registration

Breakout Session registration will begin Monday, February 9 at 2:00 PM (CST). When they are available, you can view the breakout schedule and register for sessions by logging in to the Conference website. Registration will take place on your "individual" Conference Planner page.

The deadline to register for Break-Out Sessions is Wednesday, February 25th.Please review the Registration Guidelines prior to registering.  We set these guidelines to attempt to accommodate the 1800 students and facilitators that will be attending this year.  Thanks for adhering to these guidelines and understanding why they must be followed.

Registration Guidelines

  • Hands on Sessions - One (1) student per school
  • Presentation  Students - Up to two (2) students per school
  • Presentation Facilitator - Up to two (2) facilitators per school
  • Presentation Facilitator / Student - Up to two (2) individuals per school (any combo of facilitators and students)

Hands-On Sessions - This year we will have three (3) rooms designated to Hands-On Sessions.  One student from a school may register for any hands-on session.  There will be 20 computers available with a class maximum of 40.  Each computer will be shared by two students.  Please limit your students to two Hands-On Sessions each.

Presentation Sessions - This year, we have they following types of Presentation Sessions:

  • Students Only - Up to two students from a school may register for any presentation.  Please limit your students to two of these sessions each.
  • Facilitators Only - Two facilitators from a school may register for presentation session.  Attend as many as you like.
  • Student/Facilitator Sessions - Up to two individuals from a school may attend.  This can be any combination of students and/or facilitators.  Please limit your students to two of these sessions each.

We encourage you to make a plan that will ensure that one person from your team attends as many sessions as possible so you obtain as much information you can to take back to you school. If a student was unable to register for a class because it was full, that student should arrive at the class 10 minutes prior to the start time and let the person at the door know they are interested in any open spot. As the class starts, if there are open seats, they will be allowed to attend. Please discuss these sessions with your students and talk to them about the importance of attending all sessions for which they sign up. If they do not show up for a session they registered for, there will be empty seats that could have been filled.

Prerequisites - There are a few hands-on sessions that require prerequisites. Please be considerate of this and do not register for sessions that you do not qualify for based on the prerequisites.

Attendance Cards

At the end of each session an attendance card will be given to each student who participated. Facilitators, please ask for these cards so you can hold your students accountable for going to the sessions they registered for. Thanks!

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