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We are always trying to come up with new ideas on how to keep you informed of the changes and updates that involve the Conference.    

New this year is the Conference blog.  This page will contain very small and quick updates as we progress through the next month.  The EAST staff may put up a little note that says something has been added to a speicific page of the website, a deadline is coming up or an announcement needs to been made.  So check this section regularly.


2/24/2009 - All shuttle schedules have been emailed to the facilitator who put in the request. This is for airport shuttles and for shuttles to the Mid-America Science Museum. If you requested a shuttle and did not receive details from me, contact me ASAP. 

2/23/2009 - Complimentary luggage storage will be provided for you on Thursday, March 5th. This will be available behind the 800 booth row and monitored by staff from the Embassy Suites. 

2/23/2009 - To expedite the peanut butter donation drop off, a document has been created for your use. Please use the document (referenced below) to record your donation.  Print this document and turn it in with your donation at the exhibit hall entrance door on Tuesday, March 3rd.

Peanut Butter Donation Record.xls

2/23/2009 -  Interested in watching, in real time, the excitement as students and EAST programs are recognized at the Opening Plenary or Awards Banquet? Set up a "watch party" because EAST will be streaming these two evening sessions LIVE.  See more details here or on the EAST Forums. Thanks!

2/21/2009 - Tuesday Night Activities (Extending RSVP Deadline)

Still not sure what to do with your students on the first night of Conference after the Opening Plenary?  Consider participating in one of the two activities already scheduled for EAST Conference participants.

  • Theatre of Magic - We have 31 tickets left for the Maxwell Blade Theatre of Magic.  Ticket prices are $10 each.   
  • Mid-America Science Muesum - Unlimited Tickets at $5

2/21/2009 - This week's deadline reminders:

PIA Presentation Upload - Due Wednesday, February 25th (see forums for more details)
Breakout Session Registration - Deadline Wednesday, February 25th (please help us fill up these very valuable and "free" training classes)

2/18/2009 - Application Showcase finalist information is now available here.

2/16/2009 - Need more details about the PIA Presentation Upload due Wednesday, February 25th? If so, check the EAST Forums. I just posted more information there. Thanks! 

2/16/2009 - Coming Soon - Application Showcase finalist information and airport shuttle times.   

2/16/2009 -  Don't forget to reserve your tickets to the Mid America Science Museum or the Maxwell Blade Theatre of Magic by Friday, February 20th.   RSVP's are important because:

  • We have 57 tickets left to Maxwell Blade's theatre of Magic.
  • We have about 20 seats left on the shuttle to the Museum but an unlimited number of tickets.

2/16/2009 -  Deadline Reminder - Banquet Ticket payments must be received by this Wednesday, February 18th to reserve your guests seat at the Banquet.  If payment is not received, the reserved tickets will be cancelled. Thanks! 

2/10/2009 - As a reminder, Banquet Tickets must be ordered by tomorrow, February 11th. Payments by February 18th.   

We have extended the dealine for you to upload your individual image release forms until Wednesday, February 18th.  Thanks!

2/10/2009 - I had to make adjustments to the booth layout and judging schedule today.  If you have already downloaded those forms, be sure to check the updated versions available online now for your corrected booth number and judging time.  Thanks! 

2/10/2009 - Announced the Founder's Award Finalists . Congratulations!!

2/10/2009 - You can continue to upload image release forms until February 18th.  

2/6/2009 - Tuesday Night Activites have been announced. Quick Tips:

  1. Theatre of Magic - Limited seats are available so you must RSVP for tickets.
  2. Mid-America Museum - Unlimited seats but please RSVP so I can provide a proper headcount to the museum prior to the event.  A complimentary shuttle service is available but you must reserve seats by February 20th.

2/4/2009 - On the Booth Guidline page, you will now find a printable copy of the exhibitor floor plan and school exhibitors with booth numbers.  Double check the school list and make sure the name of your school is correct and how it needs to read. Thanks! 

2/4/2009 -  HOT TOPIC - Breakout Sessions will be going live Monday, February 9th at 2:00 PM (CST).  Details on registration can be found on the breakout session page.  Happy registering! 

2/4/2009 - Reminder to order guest banquet tickets by next week, Wednesday February 11th.  Payments are due February 18th.  Thanks!

2/3/2009 - Announcing the Program Impact Assessment Judging Schedule

Your judging time is provided which will help you know when to make sure your presenting students need to be in your booth.  This information is especially helpful to those students so they know when to register for breakout sessions. Remember to give your presenting students a two hour window; one hour before their scheduled judging time and one hour after to make sure they are in the booth when the judges come. 

2/2/2009 - The Opening Plenary and Award's Banquet Student Speaker Team has been announced. Congratulations! 

2/2/2009 - Deadline Reminder for Friday, February 6th for the following (this deadline was moved from February 4th to provide additional days for those who missed school last week due to inclement weather) 

Student Registration
Signed Image Release Forms

PIA Online Submission (Questions and Pictures Only)
Music Submissions
Google Application Showcase
HSDFI Application Showcase

1/23/2009 -  Poster finalists announced. Congratulations.

1/19/2009 - 

1. Agenda - we might a slight change to the agenda. You now have from 1:00-3:45 to complete your booth setup (it was 1-2:45 originally0. The Opening Plenary will begin at 4pm (similar to 2008). 

2.  A reminder / update / announcement post was just placed on the forums.  Quick Link to Post

01/12/09 - Announcing the Hot Springs Documentary Film Institute's Documentary FFilm Showcase.  The dealine for this competition is February 4th due to its late release.   

01/08/09 - REMINDER:  Don't forget to mail your orders in by  Friday, Jan. 9th for your EAST Gear.

01/07/2009 - The Ambassador, Documentation, and the Technical Support Leadership Teams have been announced.  Congratulations!! 

01/07/2009 - Announcing Google's SketchUp and Google Earth Application Showcase. The deadline for this competition has been extended to February 4th due to its late release. 

12/18/2008 - LEADERSHIP TEAMS will be announced after Christmas break (first week of Jan.'09), check the Forum and The Blog for the announcement!!!!!!!

12/17/08 - DEADLINE  5pm today  for PIA picture submissions.

12/10/08 - EAST Facilitators & Students----DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE FOOD DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!! 

12/10/08 - Reminder:  1 week notice for PIA Picture deadline - 12/17/2008 

12/10/08 - Deadline today (5pm) for Conference Commercial Submissions.

12/8/2008 - Conference School Arrival Groups:  Check the conference website on (12/9/08) to find out what group your school is listed under, also rememeber your time for unloading.

12/4/2008 -         **ANNOUNCING**         EAST APPAREL , Check out the flyer on the Conference Gear page

12/3/08 - 2 week notice  reminder for PIA Picture Submissions:                  Deadline 12/17/08

12/3/08 - 1 week notice for Conference Commercial Submissions:             Deadline 12/10/08 

12/3/08 - Deadline is today for Documentation Team submissions 

12/3/08 - Deadline is today for Technical Support Team Submissions 

12/3/08 - Deadline is today for Ambassador Team Submissions 

11/26/08 - 2 Week Deadline Notice: Conference Commercial Submissions - 12/03/08

11/26/08 -  1 Week Deadline Notice :  Documentation Team - 12/03/08  

11/26/08 - 1 Week Deadline Notice:  Ambassador Team Nominations - 12/03/08 

11/26/08 - 1 Week Deadline Notice:  Technical Support Team - 12/03/08 

11/20/08 - Clarification: Students participating on leadership teams are in addition to the school's 8 student school team. Student travel and lodging expenses are the responsibility of the school.

11/19/08 - Reminder:  2 week deadline notice - Ambassador Team - 12/3/08 

11/19/08 - Reminder:  2 week deadline notice - Technical Support Team - 12/03/08

11/19/08 - The Documentation Team deadline has been pushed back to 12/3/08. Finish your submissions and get them to us! Good luck.

11/12/2008 - Reminder:  1 week Deadline Notice - Documentation Team 11/19/2008 

11/12/2008 - Founders Award Deadline:  11/12/2008 

11/12/2008 -  In EAST, one of the ways we help students grow is by helping them see the true value and power of service. Beginning this year, the EAST Conference will expand on that idea of service by working with an organization that can use our help and showing the world what can happen when the EAST family comes together to serve. In short, we will be working with Feeding America on a Peanut Butter food drive. To learn how you can help visit the Conference Website page titled Food Drive.

11/10/2008 - Image Release Form upload is now available on your My Conference Planner Page! Facilitators don't forget to have your students submit a signed copy of their release form before February 4th!  =)

11/05/08 - Reminder:  Documentation Team deadline is in 2 weeks - 11/19/08. 

11/05/2008 -  Reminder: Deadline for Founder's Award Letter of Intent is in 1 week - 11/12/08.  Submit your letters! 

11/05/08 -  Deadline for School Registration is today!!!!!

10/29/2008 - Reminder :  Deadline for Founder's Award is in 2 weeks - Nov. 12th. 

10/29/2008 - Reminder:  Deadline for School Registration is in 1 week - Nov. 5th.

10/22/2008 - Reminder:  Deadline for School Registration is in 2 weeks - Nov. 5th.

10/8/2008 - Reminder: Deadine for Facilitator PIA Judge nominations is in two weeks - Oct 22. 

10/01/2008 - The Austin Hotel is getting a new registration system.  They won't be taking new reservations for our event until October 22. If you have already confirmed reservations at the Austin, your reservations will be manually moved to the new system.  

10/01//2008 - Conference Website is Live!!! 

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