Conference 2009

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Student Created Music

If you are an EAST student and you enjoy creating music in the EAST Classroom, then this opportunity is for you. We will feature selected student created music for stage transitions during the Opening Plenary and Awards Banquet.


  • Music without words suitable for a broad audience (from students to corporate guests)
  • Music from all genres (i.e. Rock, Pop, Alternative, Country, Rap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical, etc.)
  • Three 0-45 second clips (for use in stage transitions)
  • Full length songs – Maximum length 3.30 minutes (for use before and after the evening session)
  • Music must be ORIGINAL – See Copyright Laws specific to music

    Note: Facilitators will be notified of students who violate copyright laws.

Submission Instructions

All submissions must be in .wav format, burned to a CD, and received by the EAST Office by 5pm on Wednesday,February 4th. Deadlines are strictly enforced to provide fairness and real world experience to all participants.

Mail to:

Conference Music
c/o EAST Initiative
8201 Ranch Boulevard, Suite B1
Little Rock, Arkansas 72223

All CD’s must include a document with the following information.

  • Name of composer(s)
  • Title of piece
  • Genre
  • Length of piece
  • School Name
  • Facilitator Name
  • Inspiration behind the selection

Tip: Plan ahead by providing yourself with enough time to get the submission in by the strictly enforced deadline.  For instance, play it safe and mail the CD at least one week ahead of time. This should ensure that it will arrive before the deadline. Too often, participants are faced with technical difficulties or other various unforeseen situations at the last minute that hinder them from meeting the deadline. Don’t let this happen to you by submitting early! We look forward to your submissions!!

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