Conference 2009

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Conference Commercial -
"This is...My EAST"

Following the 2009 Conference theme, "This is...My EAST", a new opportunity has been added to this year's event. EAST is looking for short commercials that showcase a variety of experiences within the EAST program.

Selected commercials will be featured on the Conference Website (hopefully), at the EAST Conference, and may even be used as future promotional materials for the EAST Initiative.

Commercial Guidelines

Telling Your Story: Telling your story can be done in many ways. You can share the entire EAST program's story, the facilitator's story, an individual EAST student story, many individual stories, etc. If you choose to have individuals share "their EAST," please make sure they introduce themselves using only their first name.

strong>School Name: You must share your full school name. There are many ways to do this; you can say your school name, scroll it on the screen, hang it on a back drop, put it in the intro, etc. Be creative!

File Name: Each submission should be named using a similar format - first initial, last name, school name (i.e.

Graphics and Music are permitted but they MUST be original or follow copyright laws. Facilitators will be notified of students who violate copyright laws.

Technical Guidelines

These guidelines must be followed in order for your submission to be considered.

  • The final product must be burned to DVD in either QuickTime (mov) or Windows Media (wmv)
  • It cannot be longer than 30 seconds
  • The resolution must be 720 x 480 and include 30 frames per second (fps).
  • Do not use the auto-focus feature on your video camera
  • Make sure the sound and light come through 
  • Remember sound quality is important
  • Make sure that your recording isn't time-stamped 
  • Aim properly

Submission Instructions

All submissions must include a burned DVD that follows all the guidelines mentioned above. EAST may also use this video as a promotional tool which requires a signed release from your school. This signed release must be included with your DVD.

Conference Commercial Video Release Form

All DVD's must also include a document with the following information.

Name of student(s)
Main Contact and Email
Name of school
Length of commercial
Facilitator Name and Email
Inspiration behind the submission

The submissions must be received at the EAST Office by 5pm on Wednesday, December 10th. Deadlines are strictly enforced to provide fairness and real world experience to all participants.

Mail to:

Conference Commercial
c/o EAST Initiative
8201 Ranch Boulevard, Suite B1
Little Rock, Arkansas 72223

Tip: Plan ahead by providing yourself with enough time to get the submission in by the strictly enforced deadline. For instance, play it safe and mail the DVD at least one week ahead of time. This should ensure that it will arrive before the deadline. Too often, participants are faced with technical difficulties or other various unforeseen situations at the last minute that hinder them from meeting the deadline. Don't let this happen to you by submitting early!

We look forward to your submissions!!

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