Conference 2009

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Name Tags

Each school will be responsible for making their own name tags for the following people that will be attending the EAST Conference.

  • Facilitators and chaperones
  • All students attending
  • Any guests attending from your school or community

Lanyards and plastic badge holders will be provided for your facilitator, chaperone, and your student attendees. These items are placed in your registration bag that you will receive when you arrive at the Conference.

The following MUST be included on all name tags:

  • 3" x 4" in size
  • 2009 Conference logo
  • Text: 2009 EAST Conference
  • Student name (large enough to read from a distance)
  • School name, city and state

Optional Items:

  • School specific items (classroom logo, other design elements you want to add, etc.)

Name Tag Template

A name tag template has been created for your use if desired. This was designed using Avery's template 5392.

Download Name Tag Template

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