Highlights from the 2008 EAST Partnership Conference 

The 2008 EAST Partnership Conference was a lot of hard work for all involved but more importantly it was a lot of fun. 

Special Thanks

2008 Sponsors and Exhibitors - Thank you for your support and for participating!

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2008 Documentation Leadership Team - Documentation Team 2008.jpg
2008 Technical Support Leadership Team - Technical Support Team 2008.jpg

Documentation Team Reports

The 2008 Documentation Team Reporters put together press releases on many aspects of the three day event.  Click the links below to find this information. 

Conference Media

2008 Awards

Founder's Award (Videos Require Windows Media Player)

Timothy R. Stephenson Founder's Award - Brookland High School
Award of Excellence - Dardanelle High School
Award of Excellence - Harrisburg Schools
Award of Excellence - Fountain Lake High School

2008 Superior EAST Programs - (Superior EAST Programs)

Logo Competition Winner

Peter Lanse, Kekaulike High School

Poster Competition Finalists

Poster: Bus Safety
Team: Courtney Cowden and Haley Whatley
School: Southwood High School

Poster: The Los Angeles Harbor
Student: Dalar Nazari
School: Clark Magnet High School

Poster Competition Winner

Poster: EAST Building A Path, Leaving A Trail
Student: Pauline Cabotage
School: Maui High School

Project Competitions

Archway Systems - VersaCAD Project Competition (Awarded a Mini DVD Camera to all team members)

Project: Schoolyard Habitat Arboretum
Team: Vernon Rogers, Brandon Morgan, and Darnesha Stevenson
School: Henderson Health and Science Magnet Middle School

Audubon Arkansas - Natural Leader Project Competition (Awarded field guides and fused glass medallions for all four finalist teams.  The two winning teams were also awarded binoculars)

Project: Delta Documentary (Winner)
Team: Tucker Travis, Kristen Keller, Hillary Dunklin, Julia Beatty, Hallie Horton
School: DeWitt High School

Project: Lake Ouachita Obstruction Mapping Project (Winner)
Team: Dillan Brown, Evan Harper, Keither Bradley, Zack Poteete, George Wilson, and Mykel Bates
School: Mountain Pine High School

Project: City Springs Project (Finalist)
Team: Megan Handley, Jeremy Baker, Cassady Bloch, Katie Davis, and Madison Alison
School: Eureka Springs High School

Project: Operation Bio-Beautification (Finalist)
Team: Elicia Brown, Jacob Denison, Jeff Mix, Tyler Williams, Maegan Moon, and Erica Jones
School: Rose Bud High School

Bentley Systems - MicroStation Project Competition (Awarded iPod's to each student and a suite of MicroStation)

Project: Schoolyard Habitat Arboretum
Team: Montez Eldridge
School: Henderson Health and Science Magnet Middle School

CAST - 3D Scanner Proposal Competition (Awarded the use of the 3D Laser Scanner Equipment)

Student: Chris Nesmith
School: Monticello High School

Digital Tech Frontier - Virtual Reality Project Competition  (Awarded iPod Nanos for each participant and upgraded software to the program)

Project: VR Tour of Jessieville
Team: Michelle Trostel, Joseph Briggs, and Evan Hunter
School: Jessieville High School

ESRI - Project Competition (All schools who submitted an application received an extension of their ESRI software maintenance through July 31, 2009.  Finalists were awarded a 1-year student personal version of ArcView 9 and extensions and also books for the school.  The winner was awarded a special book "Cartographica Extraordinaire.")

Project: School Drainage
Team: Michael Redd and Gary Peel
School: Harrisburg Schools

Google - Project Competition (Each student was awarded $50 gift certificates to Best Buy)

Project: Potts Inn in Google Earth
Student: James Schell
School: Pottsville High School

Project: Schoolyard Habitat Arboretum
Team: Samone Woodall, Maya Merriweather, and Lexus Profit
School: Henderson Health and Science Magnet Middle School

Project: Ship in a Bottle
Team: Josh Gibson and Michelle Ruthven
School: Nettleton High School

Project: Dream House
Team: Rick Manis and Zach Bussey
School: DeWitt High School

Project: Columbia County Courthouse
Student: Christian Kardas
School: Magnolia High School

Project: Development Design Senior Project
Student: Travis Roberts
School: Kihei Public Charter School

Hot Springs Documentary Film Institute - Documentary Film Competition (Winning film is invited to the 17th Documentary Film Festival in October)

Project: Return to Sender (Winner)
Team: Emma and Sarah Bailin
School: Little Rock Central High School

Project: The Middle Fork of the Saline River: A Commemoration (2nd Place)
Team: Jordan Anderson, Logan Pratt, Krystle Payne, Lauren Gross
School: Fountain Lake High School

Project: Living in Clothes (3rd Place)
Student: Tyler Lee Holter
School: Sheridan High School

Navigation Electronics Inc. - Trimble Project Competition (Awarded a gift card to Best Buy)

Project: Lake Ouachita Project
Team: Dillan Brown and Evan Harper
School: Mountain Pine High School

SAU Tech - "A Call to Action" Design Competition (Awarded the program with a 1 year subscription of Adobe Creative Suite Design total training.  Awarded the student an Adobe Create Suite 3 Design Standard both courtesy of Adobe.  The winning student also received an iPod Touch from SAU Tech)

Project: Adoption Day
Student: Alyssa Becker
School: Conway High School

SAU Tech - "Make Me Laugh" Video Competition (Awarded the program a full version of Final Cut Suite 2 courtesy of Apple and each team member received an iPod Touch from SAU Tech)

Projecct: Extreme Paratrooper Dude
Team: Tyler Holter, Matt Morrison, and Hunter Oden
School: Sheridan High School

Siemens - Solid Edge Project Competition (Awarded an iPod Nano)

Project: WWII Rifle
Student: Oleksandr Kolesnikov
School: Southwood High School

2008 Student's Choice Award

Brinkley High School

Additional Awards Provided

CAST - Most Outstanding GIS/GPS EAST Forum Contributor

Student: Matt Tenan
School: Eureka Springs High School

The Ambassador Team provided additional fun awards that were announced during the Closing Session.

Candy Craze - McGehee High School
Busy Bees - Eureka Springs High School
"In for the Long Hall" - Kea'au High School
Jump for Joy - College Hill Elementary Int'l Studies
Trick or Treat - Caddo Hills High School
Most Creative - Indian Capital Technology Center - Salisaw
Chatty Cathy - Forest Heights Middle School

Featured Music 

The music featured during the Opening Plenary and Awards Banquet was created by the following EAST students.

Anthony Peel, Newport High School
Cody Maxwell, Greenbrier High School
Demario Robinson, Ashdown High School
Drew Harris, Clarksville High School
Josh Smith, Indian Capital Technology Center
Kevin Hoggard, Cave City High School
Lucas Payne, SEACBEC
Mike Quam, Gravette High School
Miranda Gallegos, Beebe Junior High School
Nathan Logan, Greenbrier High School
Parrish Lawrence, Jacksonville High School
Romero Pleasants, McClellan High School
Ryan Lovell, Greenbrier High School
Tyler Downs, Cave City High School

The following students from Central High School West Helena opened the Awards Banquet with an EAST song they created. 

Joe Haskin
James Brown

Difference Makers (Difference Makers)

These students made a difference at the 2008 EAST Partnership Conference. Thanks!!

Additional Conference Information

2008 EAST Partnership Conference Flyer

2008 EAST Partnership Conference Press Release

2007 East Partnersphip Conference VR Walkthrough (68.1MB ZIP file) Quicktime required

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