Poster Competition Finalists

The judging panel for the poster competition was really impressed by the creativity and overall designs within the 100+ posters that were submitted.  In choosing the finalists, they were looking for qualities in the posters such as readability of text, overall design and message, composition, simplicity, creativity and originality. 

Congratulations to the students who submitted the eight poster designs which were chosen as finalists in this competition.  These posters will be displayed at the Conference and the winner will be announced during the Opening Plenary on Tuesday, February 19th. 

Dalar Nazari - Clark Magnet High School
                            RUNNER UP


Elliot Sharp - Nettleton High School


Haley Whatley & Courtney Cowden - Southwood High School 
                              RUNNER UP


Holly Culpepper - Fountain Lake High School


Kristy Inamasu - Maui High School


Pauline Cabotage - Maui High School
                   2008 Poster Winner


Sarah Visser - Eureka High School


Tanner Duckworth - Eureka Springs High School

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