Technical Support Team Guidelines

This group of students will work closely with the EAST Technical Support Group to solve a variety of technical issues for participating schools, vendors, and guest speakers throughout all three days of the Conference. Following are the roles and responsibilities for the Student Technical Support Team. At the bottom of this page are instructions on nominations for these positions.

Roles and Responsibilities for the Student Technical Support Team

This will be a part time position so students will have the opportunity to participate with their school as part of the Conference as well.

Professional Experience Required/Desired:

  • Minimum of one full year in EAST
  • Works well in teams
  • Ability to multitask
  • Participates on EAST forums
  • System Administrator preferred
  • Friendly, Outgoing and Articulate

Technical Experience Required/Desired:

  • Peripheral setup (i.e., mouse, keyboard, monitor and projector)
  • Microsoft Office 2003, particularly PowerPoint usage
  • Laptop wireless configuration
  • Physical activities (i.e., lifting 30 pounds and connecting cables, etc.)

Nominations for the Student Technical Support Team

Applicants for the Student Technical Support Team must be nominated by a facilitator. If you are interested in one of these positions, please ask your facilitator to complete a letter of recommendation including the following items:

  • Why the nominee should be considered for the position
  • Does the nominee meet all requirements
  • Past experience/roles the nominee has held that would benefit him/her in the position
  • Phone number of nominee and the days and times they can be reached 
  • Email address of nominee

Please email nomination letters to by Wednesday, November 28th

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