Student Leadership Teams

We have three student leadership teams that help us manage and document the conference. Please encourage your students to review all the links in this section so they will know what opportunities they have to make a difference at the 2008 EAST Partnership Conference.

The Ambassador Team serves to be an informed example of an EAST student whose job is to solve problems, greet VIPs, and assist EAST staff in the thousands of details that come up at such a huge event. Ambassadors always have a smile on their face and a can do attitude.

The Documentation Team consists of photographers, videographers and interviewers who work together to document the Conference. This concise footage is shared with Conference participants as well as others outside the Initiative.

The Technical Support Team is a new addition this year. This group of students will work closely with the EAST Technical Support Group to solve a variety of technical issues for participating schools, vendors, and guest speakers throughout all three days of the Conference.

The Student Welcoming Team started last year.  These students will be on stage during the Opening Plenary session on Tuesday, February 19th to help announce awards and recognize speakers. 

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