Arrival Procedures

Staggered Arrival Plan

All arrival groups are currently being updated. Thank you for your patience. When they are available, please find your Arrival Group by clicking the following links and then locate your school's name on a list.

Arrival Group 1
Arrival Group 2
Arrival Group 3

If you are registered for the Conference and you do not see your school on one of the three lists above, you may not be within driving distance. If you do not appear on a list, please choose the Arrival Group that works best with your travel schedule and email with your choice.

During your group's scheduled arrival time, your school should accomplish the following:

  • Line Up at the Loading Dock - Please do NOT get in line earlier than the beginning of your group's set time. Schools that show up early will NOT be allowed to unload and will be asked to come back at the appropriate time.
  • Unload - Please have your students unload very quickly and take their materials to their booth. Please remove your vehicle from the loading dock as soon as it has been unloaded.
  • Register - Instructions below.
  • Start Booth Set Up - As time allows, your students can begin to set up their booth. At the end of your group's arrival time, all schools in your group will be asked to leave the Exhibit Hall to make room for the next arrival group.

With your arrival group, you will have 2 hours to unload and begin your booth setup. The Exhibit Hall will be open to all schools again from 1:00 PM - 3:45 PM to complete your booth set up. During the time you are not in the Exhibit Hall, you are free to go check in to the hotel, have lunch, etc.

Onsite Registration

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While your students are unloading your bus, a facilitator (not a student) must visit the Registration Booth to register your school. Registration will be divided into four groups (A-D, E-K, L-N, and O-Z). Your school will be classified under the first letter of your school name that appears on our website (i.e. J for Joe. T. Robinson High School ).

Once you are at the registration booth, a staff member or volunteer will ask you to review the names of the facilitators, students, and guests who will be attending the Conference from your school. You will be asked to make any adjustments to the names and number of attendees so we can have accurate information and make adjustments to your registration bags (number of tickets and name badge holders). At this time you will be asked to verify that you have the correct number of tickets in your bag. If additional tickets are needed after the verification at registration, they will need to be purchased.

If you did not upload your students PIA presentation ahead of time, you will be asked to turn in your presentation on CD at this time.

Registration Packet Contents

  • Your school's registered participants
  • Booth assignments for all schools and exhibitors
  • Exhibitor promotional items
  • Lanyards & badge holders for your prepared name tags
  • Program Impact Assessment judging schedule
  • Tickets for the Banquet (All attendees must have these to get into the Banquet.)
  • Tickets for t-shirts
  • Programs
  • Hotel and Emergency Form

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